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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - March 2003

Mike Finnegan
Mar 1, 2003
Photo 2/8   |   mini Market March 2003 phatasphux Four Link
Phat Four-Links
Thorbecke Fabrication introduces its new Phatasphux four-link for minitrucks. The links feature tig-welded tubing and urethane bushing ends for squeak and rattle-free operation. The kit includes all the necessary brackets to mount the four-link in any mini-truck. For more information, contact: Thorbecke Fabrication, Dept. MT, 205 S. 5th St., P.O. Box 167, Francisco, IN 47649, (812) 782-3581,
Photo 3/8   |   mini Market March 2003 manual Valve Manifold
Hassle-Free Valves
ChassisTech announces the availability of its new 1/2-inch ported manual valve manifold. This manifold is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of wiring electric valves. It will mount perfectly in a center console. Each three-way valve in the manifold features one 1/2-inch inlet, two outlet ports and two exhaust ports. For more information, contact: AIM Industries, (800) 682-TRUX (8789).
Photo 4/8   |   mini Market March 2003 hose Clamps
Slick Hose Clamps
Pi-Thon Design Inc. has just released its new HoseLock race and hose clamps. These new clamps greatly improve upon the looks of conventional clamps and will secure nearly any rubber or steel-braided hose. The secret to the HoseLock is its internal compression ring, which cinches the hose as the two ends are twisted together. For more information, contact: Pi-Thon Design Inc., Dept. MT, 2520 Turquoise Cir., Ste. B., Newbury Park, CA 91320, (888) 474-9466,
Photo 5/8   |   mini Market March 2003 stainless Steel Tubing
Custom Stainless Tubing
Classic Tube offers stock or stainless steel tubing in bulk or pre-bent styles to line any mini-truck. All Classic Tube products are pressure-tested to 6,000 psi and are safe for fuel, air, hydraulic, and brake fluids. For more information, contact: Classic Tube, Dept. MT, 80 Rotech Dr., Lancaster, NY 14086, (716)759-1800,
Photo 6/8   |   mini Market March 2003 eagle One Spray Wax
Fast Wax
Eagle One just introduced the first after-wash, one-step spray wax, called Wax As-U-Dry. This product enables you to wax your vehicle faster and easier than with any other product. It's so simple! After washing and rinsing your vehicle, leave it wet and spray on Wax As-U-Dry. Then dry it off with a chamois or towel as you normally would and you're ready for the road with a wet-look, high-gloss shine. For more information, contact: Eagle One, Dept. MT, 5927 Landau Ct., Carlsbad, CA 92008, (800) 432-4531,
Photo 7/8   |   mini Market March 2003 battery Terminal
The Ultimate Battery Terminal
The PP2001-PT offers the most efficient method of termination to the battery with absolute minimum power loss. Using Lok-Nut compression terminals, the battery cable is locked into place with the best connection and power transfer possible. The positive side fused block with two ANL fuses eliminates mounting external fuse blocks and extra terminations. The terminal sizes range include 1/0, 4, and 8 gauge. Included adapters make it more versatile by reducing terminal sizes from 1/0 to 4 gauge and 4 to 8 gauge. The built-in digital voltage meter monitors the battery condition at a glance. The meter is auto-current sensing and auto shutoff. It turns on whenever there is a measurable current draw in the vehicle and turns off after a period of inactivity; you never have to go searching for a meter to test your battery. For more information, contact: Metra Electronics Corporation, Dept. MT, 3201 E. 59th St., Long Beach, CA 90805-4501, (562) 634-9920, www.
Photo 8/8   |   mini Market March 2003 amplifier
Gargantuan Power Amplifier
Directed Electronic's 23-inch long, 17-pound class D powerhouse, the Viper Audio d2500.1 mono-block amplifier is one of very few legitimate 2,500-watt car amplifiers on the market today. Its high conversion efficiency allows it to deliver more real-world power in an automotive electrical environment that rarely offers an adequate power supply. The d2500.1 also features a unique and exciting mechanical design with an acrylic window that features the illuminated Viper snake head logo over the control panel area on the top of the amplifier. For more information, contact: Directed Electronics Inc., Dept. MT, One Viper Way, Vista, CA 92083, (760) 598-6200,


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