Recently, AEM stepped up to the plate and added yet another serial number to its huge inventory of air intake systems for cars and trucks. The company brought added power to a whole new breed of truck when it opened its R&D department to the newer Tacoma V-6s. As soon as we heard about the availability of the new system, we got our hands on one and snapped photos for your viewing pleasure. According to AEM, its new Brute Force Intake System for the V-6 Tacoma is capable of making the truck put out additional power because of its design (specifically tuned intakes in length and diameter make a huge difference in an intake's ability to increase performance) and its ability to pull cooler air than that of the ambient temperature of the engine bay. Follow along as we install what is probably the simplest way to make power with a Tacoma V-6. For more information, contact AEM using the information listed in the source box.