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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - December 2003

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Dec 1, 2003
Photo 2/13   |   mini Market December 2003 nitrous Bottledummy
For Looks Only
If you've always wanted that nitrous-sporting look without paying for nitrous, your wait is over. Folia Tec Carstyling Factory gives everyone the chance to look fast and frustrated in their own cars and trucks - or at least in their dreams. Made of high-polished aluminum, the nitrous BottleDummy fits all vehicle types and gives you a real race look. Folia Tec supplies the nitrous BottleDummy complete with a manometer, a cutoff valve, mounting, a stainless-steel pressure hose, and instructions for easy do-it-yourself installation. The bottle measures 22 centimeters in length and has a diameter of 8 centimeters. For more information, contact: Folia Tec, Dept. MT, Neumeyerstr. 70, d-90411 Nurneberg, Germany, phone: 0049/911/97544-0,
Photo 3/13   |   mini Market December 2003 iron Cross Billet Wheel And Steering Wheel
Iron Stylin'
The iron cross is an enigmatic symbol that has stood the test of time. It has long been a representation of strength and power for those who wear it. Now, you can be the first to add this eternally hot look to your ride and show others the strength of your mini-truckin' convictions with these Colorado Custom Iron Cross billet wheels and steering wheels from Stylin' Concepts. These incredible new wheels are CNC-machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and polished to a perfect mirror-like finish. They're available in four-, five-, six-, and eight-lug patterns in your choice of widths and backspacing. With billet wheels, you can easily fit them to any four-wheel vehicle on the planet by simply ordering the right lug pattern and backspacing. Iron Cross solid billet steering wheels are available with or without leather half-wrap in your choice of 11 different colors or real carbon fiber. For more information, contact: Stylin' Concepts, Dept. MT, 7820 E. Pleasant Valley Rd., Independence, OH 4413, (800) 434-4381
Photo 4/13   |   mini Market December 2003 trenz Billet Mirror
Settin' Trenz
Do you need more interior remodeling for your truck? A good start would be to accent your interior with a Trenz billet mirror from Stylin' Concepts. Chose from many new styles, including tribal, flame, and iron-cross designs. The installation is quick and painless: Simply slide your new mirror over your factory mirror hardware and tighten the setscrews. For more information, contact: Stylin' Concepts, Dept. MT, 7820 E. Pleasant Valley Rd., Independence, OH 44131, (800) 434-5857,
Photo 5/13   |   mini Market December 2003 mobile Barstools
With all the shows and truck runs we mini-truckers attend, we're bound to get tired of walking around all the time. Have no fear, Big Chicken Barstools is proud to announce its new line of mobile barstools. From classic styling to full custom, Big Chicken Barstools offers a variety of different barstools to fit your needs. Each barstool consists of a custom-made frame and barstool, which has been designed for rigidity; a Briggs & Stratton 6.5hp Intec engine; a 1-1/4-inch axle with go-cart components; a Torque-a-Verter variable clutch system; a rear disc brake; and a keyed on/off switch. The company offers may options and claims that all Big Chicken Barstools are capable of towing as much as 4,000 pounds and can reach speeds as fast as 40 mph - that's heavy-duty enough to haul even the biggest mini-trucker and then some. For more information, contact: Big Chicken Barstools, Dept. MT, 1165 Pennsylvania St., Ste. 3-A, Denver, CO 80203, (877) 922-3111,
Photo 6/13   |   mini Market December 2003 mechanical Fuel Pump
Pump Serious Fuel
If you're searching for a show-quality fuel pump for your ride, look no further. Holley Performance Products is proud to announce the availability of its new mechanical fuel pump. Using special high-flow valves, it has the capacity to move fuel at the rate of more than 110 gallons per hour. Now, if you're burning that much fuel, you'd better not be driving your truck on the street, right? The three-piece reinforced aluminum castings are CNC-machined for exact tolerances. Each aluminum casting is vibratory polished to give you the show-shine look you've been searching for. Holley's three-piece design also allows the fuel body to be rotated to accommodate various plumbing situations, and the fuel inlets and outlets make for simple fuel line installation. For more information, contact: Holley Tech Service, Dept. MT, P.O. Box 10360, Bowling Green, KY 42101-7360, (270)-781-9741,
Photo 7/13   |   mini Market December 2003 meguiars All Wheel Cleaner
Hot Rims
Meguiar's Inc. introduces Hot Rims/Cool Care All Wheel Cleaner, a specially developed formula that safely removes all that brake dust and road grime from all types of wheels. No more guesswork is needed to determine whether or not a cleaner is safe for your particular wheel. This product provides a safe and simple solution to cleaning all wheels and wheel surfaces, including chrome, anodized, clear-coated, polished, and unpolished aluminum. The product uses tough, penetrating neutralizing agents that dissolve and lift dirt by breaking it down and washing it right off your mini's killer set of rollers. This new Meguiar's product even lifts mineral buildup, tar, and water spots in a matter of seconds. Simply spray on and hose off and you will surely put the bling back into your wheels. For more information, contact: Meguiar's Inc., Dept. MT, 17991 Mitchell S., Irvine, CA 92614, (800) 347-5700,
Photo 8/13   |   mini Market December 2003 hornblasters
The name says it all. is your source for authentic-sounding locomotive train horns for your mini-truck. Let them know you're coming with these super-loud 152db+ horns that hook up to your existing onboard air setup. These are some of the loudest horns you've ever heard. Check out the company's Web site for install pictures and videos of the crew scaring people around town. For more information, contact: Hornblasters Inc., Dept. MT, 10301 Venitia Real Ave., Ste. 204, Tampa, FL 33647-4013, (813) 966-2247,
Photo 9/13   |   mini Market December 2003 howells Custom Wiring Harness
Harness A Vortec
GM's family of Vortec truck engines has raised pickup performance to new levels. Almost every engine swap, no matter what you drive, involves a GM engine. Now, Howell Engine Developments makes it super easy to enjoy that performance level in mini- and older trucks. The key to making a Vortec engine swap as painless as possible is Howell's custom wiring harness. With the Howell Vortech harness, hooking up the electronic engine controls is as easy as plugging in the required connector. Like all Howell harnesses, the Vortec model uses GM and Packard TXL wire, a Weatherpack connector, and high-temperature shielding for the utmost in reliability. Howell also produces harnesses for LS1, L98, LT,1 and other popular GM fuel-injected engines. For more information, contact: Howell Engine Developments, Dept. MT, 6201 Industrial Way, Marine City, MI 48039, (810) 765-5100
Photo 10/13   |   mini Market December 2003 magnaflow Xl Performance Mufflers
The Right Roar
Are you looking for something different in a performance muffler for your mini-truck? MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust is proud to introduce its new MagnaFlow XL Performance mufflers. The mufflers are all stainless steel with rigid Lock-Seam construction and 360-degree welded nipples for added durability and backfire protection, so you don't have to go around scaring people with that gunshot firing from the back of your mini anymore. They feature a fast-flowing, straight-through, perforated stainless-steel core, stainless-steel mesh wrap, and acoustical fiberfill. MagnaFlow XL Performance mufflers are perfect for all trucks and cars and come with a one-year limited warranty. For more information, contact: (800) 990-0905,
Photo 11/13   |   mini Market December 2003 led Lamps
Bright Light
LEDtronics announces a new group of direct incandescent replacement 15mm, single-contact, bayonet-base LED lamps. These new replacement LED lamps incorporate optical-grade epoxy, advanced light-emitting diode (LED) technologies, and standard single-contact bayonet bases with a light-optimizing design to produce bright and vivid light. This means much more visibility during the day, which helps your cause when you're trying to explain to Johnny Law why your factory taillights are nowhere to be seen and that all you have in their place are some sort of plasma-cut designs that you came up with in your garage. Good luck with that explanation, but at least now you can get light bulbs that last 30-50 times longer and use 80-90 percent less power. The colors to choose from are Aqua Green, Incandescent White, Cool White, Super Blue, Super Yellow, and Super Red. There are also LED lamp clusters of 18, 30, and 40. These babies just might save you from a ticket, but we aren't promising anything. For more information, contact: LEDtronics Inc., Dept. MT, 23105 Kashiwa Ct., Torrance, CA 90505, (800) 579-4875,
Photo 12/13   |   mini Market December 2003 bolit Car Care Products
Bolit Proof
Bolit Car Care Products Inc. has released a new and improved formula made to protect your mini-truck or daily cruiser, using only chemical cleaners to remove oxidation, road tar, old wax, and swirl marks. It contains no abrasives and will not scratch even the most delicate of surfaces. After it's applied and wiped clean, it leaves behind a super-smooth acrylic finish that will resist sun fading, industrial pollutants, and insect stains. Bolit can be used on your sweet show truck, daily driver, or your finest silver jewelry. Bolit bottle sizes range from 16 ounces to 1 gallon. Bolit products are trademarked and patented, and have been around since 1963. For more information, contact: Bolit Car Care Products Inc., Dept. MT, 23033 Covello St., West Hills, CA 91307, (818) 594-1037,
Photo 13/13   |   mini Market December 2003 ringers Gloves
Get Your Name Out
Ringers Gloves, glove designers for mechanics, racers, fire fighters, and rescue personnel, now offers private labeling with your custom shop, truck club, or company's name and logo on the company's Authentic Mechanic's gloves. Not only will you be protecting your hands, but now you can show company and club pride and promotion as well. Ringer's Private Label Glove Program is an easy, cost-effective way to get your shop or club's name out. Available in a variety of colors, the private-label gloves feature a custom-stitched cuff label, a custom rubber enclosure, and an easy-to-read screen print of your name and logo on the back of the glove. Ringers gloves are specifically designed to protect vulnerable hands while repairing, restoring, or racing a vehicle. For more information, contact: Ringers Gloves, Dept. MT, 335 Science Dr., Moorpark, CA 93021, (805) 517-1061,


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