Bigger wheels and tires look good on a lifted truck, but the less glamorous ring and pinion swap is what makes the new rolling stock perform more like the factory intended. After this 2WD F-150 SuperCrew was lifted and fitted with 35-inch Pro Comp mud terrain tires and 18-inch wheels, acceleration took a back seat to aggressive looks. Big tires with the stock Ford 3.55 gears meant sluggish acceleration and an engine working too hard to get the F-150 moving. We had the guys at 4 Wheel Parts in Laguna Hills, California, install a set of 4.10 Precision Gears to restore some of the lost pep and give this F-150 a leg up on towing. While the differential was open we also bolted on a Mag-Hytec differential cover that added some peace of mind with increased fluid capacity and two magnets to trap gear-destroying metal shavings. Check out the next few pages as Joe performs the swap in just a couple of hours.