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  • Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - August 2007

Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - August 2007

Want - Find - Buy - Build

Ashley Alexander
Aug 1, 2007
Photo 2/5   |   mini Market pennzoil Platinum
Pennzoil Platinum
The unique adaptive molecules in Pennzoil Platinum are engineered to manage the constant mechanical stresses inside of an engine. They constantly change shape and separate, as needed, to help preserve the proper viscosity under intense heat, high shear stress, and extreme pressures. It's adaptive molecules have been developed to protect against specific engine stresses like heat, shear, and pressure. When Pennzoil Platinum senses severe heat, the adaptive molecules are designed to split apart to resist searing heat that can lead to viscosity breakdown, while still providing excellent protection. Mechanical shearing in the engine can tear oil molecules apart, causing permanent viscosity loss. The tight clearances found in the piston ring assemblies can stress oil molecules to the breaking point. These adaptive molecules will split into smaller pieces to slip through high-shear areas, such as these to minimize permanent viscosity loss. In addition to its adaptive molecules, Pennzoil Platinum contains a unique additive formulation. This formulation provides superior protection against engine wear and deposit formation, as compared to conventional and synthetic blend motor oil, helping to reduce piston ring-sticking and metal-on-metal contact in the engine. For more information, check out
Photo 3/5   |   mini Market danna Custom Fabrication
Built To Order
Maybe custom does come in a box. Danna Custom Fabrication (DCF), developed a unique feature for their notch and bridge assemblies. Realizing that a lot of enthusiasts out there are do-it-yourselfers, they decided to make things easier for them when it comes to building and installing their step-notches. This is why DCF introduced a full drop-in custom crossmember and step-notch kit. The kit is made for all makes and models of trucks. The kit consists of two DCF one-piece 3x3-3/16-inch notches, along with a custom 1-1/2-inch DOM bent X-member. So, how is this going to be different from other kits? Well, you design the bridge work yourself and DCF will build it once, just for your ride. All you have to do is take a few simple measurements and a design of what you want your crossmember to look like, and they'll build and ship it out to you in a timely fashion. When you receive it, just slide it over your frame, weld it up, and cut out your frame. For more information, call (817) 244-8844, or check out
Photo 4/5   |   mini Market elemental Designs
Power In A Small Space
Are you tired of not being able to run great sounding subs in limited single-cab minitruck space? Well, Elemental Designs released a new SQ10 Slimline subwoofer. Comprised of 100-percent Elemental Designs (eD) owned, tooled, proprietary engineering, it features a 250w power handling, with only a 3-inch mounting depth. Best of all, it fits in .35cF sealed enclosures. This makes it the perfect fit for single-cab trucks or under the seat enclosures. Fitting where no other subwoofer does, with a total weight of 5lbs, the lightweight and small SQ10 delivers exceptional clarity and output, and it's affordable to boot. Check them out online at
Photo 5/5   |   mini Market por 15
Floor Armor
With Por 15's new Floor Armor Kits, you can seal your shop or garage floor permanently, with an incredible new floor-painting kit. It's super easy to use; no need to clean with caustic acids or to flood your floor with water. Just use the easy degreaser on any heavy oil or grease stains, sweep away dust or dirt, and paint right over everything with the Floor Armor. You can use it anywhere you have heavy traffic areas. It can take the abuse from forklifts, floor jacks, and constant traffic. Once your floor is covered with Floor Armor, you'll just wipe up oil and grease stains with a rag for easy clean up. For more information, log onto


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