When it comes to minitrucks, the whole "less is more" theory isn't really commonplace, except for maybe a clean daily driver. But generally speaking, we're always looking for more. That's what drives us: a need to go lower, more power, more air, more speakers; you name it, and we want more of it. Well, this kind of abuse from high-output air compressors, stereo systems, HID lights, and so on can really take a toll on your average 60- to 80-amp alternators. A quick solution is to run dual batteries, but even that will only take you so far. When you need serious power to quench your power-hungry mini and all of its equipment, it's a must to go with a premium high-output alternator like the 170-amp alternator from Powermaster Motorsports. This bad boy can operate a small city! Check it out to see just how quick and easy it is to get all the power you need for your air, stereo, portable blender, and whatever else you can throw in the bed of your minitruck. For more information, contact the companies listed in the source box.