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2007 Ford F-350 Exhaust - Power Stroke Power

Corsa's 4-Inch Exhaust For The New Ford F-350

Calin Head
Oct 1, 2007
Contributors: Erick Armstrong
Photographers: Jessica Posa
Photo 2/16   |   2007 Ford F350 installation Process
If you own a diesel pickup, chances are good you bought it for a reason, whether to haul your tools to the job site or to tow your boat to the lake. Today's diesels, including the Ford Power Stroke, GMC Duramax, and Dodge Cummins, offer more standard horsepower and torque than their gasoline-fed counterparts. Of course, more power still isn't enough for some diesel truck owners who want, well, even more.
Fortunately, there are like-minded manufacturers, such as Corsa Performance Exhaust, who feel the same way. Corsa has been making 100-percent stainless steel exhaust systems at its Berea, Ohio, headquarters since 1989. Can an exhaust system really increase horsepower and torque? According to Corsa, there is a straight answer, a straight-through answer, that is. Your engine is a giant air pump, so the more efficiently it moves air, the more power it makes. Corsa claims its systems increase exhaust flow by as much as 47 percent over the stock setup, due to the company's less-restrictive, straight-through design. The company says this significantly reduces backpressure and lowers exhaust gas temperature, which allows the turbocharger to build boost quicker and enhance the truck's hauling and towing power.
Photo 3/16   |   2007 Ford F350 exhaust System
Inside the truck, Corsa has gone to great lengths to keep things quiet with its Reflective Sound-Cancellation (RSC) technology. To fully explain RSC technology, we would need to review space-age noise-suppression techniques. However, going into all of those equations would be a bit boring. All you need to know is that sound waves are reflected within the muffler, producing a cancellation effect, which lowers or completely eliminates that in-cabin drone. That means you can still talk to your passengers and enjoy music while cruising down the highway.
Besides the Ford Power Stroke series, Corsa also makes 50-state emissions legal diesel exhausts for the GMC Duramax, and a Dodge Cummins system is in the works. Expect to pay around $1,000 for one of these 4-inch-diameter 304-grade stainless steel systems. To put these claims to the test, we traveled to Full Throttle Kustomz in Bedford, Ohio. The shop had recently purchased a new F-350 Super Duty, featuring Ford's 6.0L Power Stroke turbodiesel engine and graciously agreed to aid our investigation.
Photo 4/16   |   2007 Ford F350 install
What's In The Box?
The 304-grade stainless steel Corsa kit for the '07 F-350 consists of 4-inch-diameter mandrel-bent tubes, a straight-through muffler, a hydroformed tip, and all of the necessary brackets and such for the installation.
Power Pipes: The Install
Full Throttle Kustomz' F-350 turbodiesel dyno-tested at 197 hp and 362 lb-ft of torque at 2,800 rpm at the rear wheels with the stock exhaust system. On a truck this tall, you won't need a lift-heck, you might not even need a jack. This one was put up on a lift to help us get good photos for you. Removal of the stock system began with loosening the clamp, using a 15mm socket on the intermediate pipe located directly in front of the muffler.
The Final Word
While a performance exhaust system will not transform your diesel into a drag-racing demon, it is ideal for freeing up a few more ponies, which means your truck will work harder for you. The fat 4-inch pipe and stainless steel tip will give your truck that meaty look, and the performance growl is sure to put a grin on your face.


Corsa Performance Exhausts
Berea, OH 44017
Full Throttle Kustomz



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