Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - October 2008

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Mike Alexander
Oct 1, 2008
Photo 2/5   |   mini Market flaming River
Flaming River Industries introduces an OEM-based keyless electronic ignition system that delivers convenience and security for all vehicles-modern as well as street rods, muscle cars, and light trucks. The system uses a small security fob that interfaces with on-board electronic circuitry to identify the user and release the vehicle's start and accessory circuits. A lithium watch battery powers the compact, keyless fob. The security fob activates when the driver is within close proximity to the vehicle, allowing the system to power up. To start the vehicle, the driver pushes the illuminated start button, which is installed wherever convenient. In event of loss of battery power in the starter fob, simply place the fob adjacent to the starter button, then microwave codes from the card will activate the system and allow it to start the vehicle. Walking away from the vehicle shuts off the ignition. For more information, call (800) 648-8022, or visit
Photo 3/5   |   mini Market afe Power
More Flow
Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe) introduced its new Stage 2 Cx cold air intake for the '05-'07 Toyota Tacoma with the 2.7L four-cylinder.The kit includes a high-flow washable, reusable, 360-degree Pro-5R aFe filter for maximum filtration and airflow. Also included is the 18-gauge powdercoated heat shield and an integrated MAF sensor pad that was fine-tuned for maximum horsepower. In testing this kit, out flowed the factory intake by 137-percent and produced an added 10hp at 3,900 rpm and 12lbs-ft of torque at 4,700 rpm. For more information, call (951) 493-7100, or visit the website at
Photo 4/5   |   mini Market lc Engineering
Spaced Out
LC Engineering has released its throttle- body spacer kit for all 22RE engines. The kit includes a billet aluminum spiral bored spacer and throttle cable bracket relocation plate, as well as all the hardware needed to install the kit. The kit also includes one of LCE's exclusive Teflon throttle-body gaskets to reduce the heat transfer from the intake manifold. This kit works extremely well when used in conjunction with LCE's high-flow crossover intake tube. For more details, contact LC Engineering at (928) 505-2501, or visit the website at
Photo 5/5   |   mini Market stinger Electronics
Max Power
Stinger, AAMP of America's high performance car audio accessories division, offers its SPC5010 PRO Hybrid Capacitor for exceptional, high-amperage power management. The SPC5010 is 10-1/2 length, by 5-1/8 width, by 2-7/8 height. It contains 10 farads of total capacitance, accepts two 1/0 or four-gauge inputs/outputs, or a combination of one each. By combining the benefits of electrolytic and carbon capacitors, the SPC5010 provides extremely fast cycling and high power, along with tremendous power reserve. Its unique angular design also features a four-digit red LED voltage display and black anodized aluminum housing for killer looks in any install. For more information, visit



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