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  • Diesel Tech EGR Bypass Kit - 6.0L EGR Solution Race-Only

Diesel Tech EGR Bypass Kit - 6.0L EGR Solution Race-Only

Ditching The 6.0L Power Stroke's Biggest Nightmare

Mike McGlothlin
Jun 1, 2009
Photographers: Mike McGlothlin
Photo 2/22   |   The kit comes with an EGR plug, plug O-ring set (PN 3C3Z-9P455-AB), intake gasket set (PN 3C3Z-9433-AA), block-off plate, and bypass tube.
Part of the great debate as to why 6.0L Power Strokes have such a bad reputation for reliability is directly linked to their use of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). When we imagine a diesel functioning on a basic level, clean, forced induction air makes its way into the engine, and spent exhaust gases leave it, exiting out the tailpipe. EGR changes this tremendously. By allowing exhaust gas to re-enter any diesel engine's intake tract, the cooling system (radiator, hoses, and water pump) is greatly taxed, requires an EGR cooler, and makes it harder for the engine to survive extreme operating conditions.
Common Problems
Diesel enthusiasts rarely go long without adding a programmer for that extra punch, yet still expect their engines to handle the added load. But aftermarket programmers typically achieve power gains by additional fueling, which often leads to a trickle-down effect of trouble in 6.0L engines: higher exhaust gas temperatures and unburned fuel (soot) are routed through the EGR cooler, and then re-routed back into the intake. Over time, soot, carbon, and grime buildup is inevitable, and the result ends up being one or more of the following problems: (1) a plugged, super-heated, or leaking EGR cooler, (2) a plugged or stuck EGR valve, (3) loss of power, and (4) carbon particulate even making its way into the engine, possibly causing extensive damage. Needless to say, EGR is one of diesel enthusiasts' worst enemies. However, there are plenty of solutions for those of you plagued by this problem.
Possible Fixes
All of the problems associated with the 6.0L's EGR system bring us to all of the possibilities that exist for solving them. Repairing existing EGR system components each time one fails has been the only option for street-legal vehicles. Cleaning the factory EGR system can rid it of any carbon buildup or soot accumulation, but may require additional cleaning in the future. Other competition-only options consist of a simple EGR plug being installed in place of the EGR valve, or stopping the entire EGR process with a full-on delete kit for use in race-only applications. Be forewarned, removing emissions equipment on daily driven street vehicles is against the law. The following install is for race vehicles only.
Street-Legal 6.0L EGR Solution:
While at Diesel Tech's shop, we also got a look at AN EGR cleaning setup from BG Products. Called a diesel induction service set, the system uses a variety of chemicals to clean the throttle-body, EGR valve, exhaust gas runners, intake passages, and even the oil passages in the 6.0L's hydraulic injectors. Also included in the service is an oil change.The process removes all soot and carbon buildup and is good maintenance for fleet vehicles that need to be in good operating condition (ambulances, tow trucks, service trucks) and is a viable option for retaining the factory EGR system and keeping your daily driver street-legal at the same time. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at this EGR cleaning service in the coming months.


Diesel Tech
San Jacinto, CA 92583
BG Products, Inc.



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