Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - July 2009

Mike Alexander
Jul 1, 2009
Photo 2/4   |   mini Market July 2009 finish 1st Sanding System
Finish First
Ali Industries has introduced the unique Finish 1st(tm) Automotive Finishing System, featuring a comprehensive line of high quality sandpaper products and sandpaper tools created specifically for the demands of automotive bodywork.
With the Finish 1st(tm) Automotive Finishing System, from grinding and sanding to finishing and feathering, the automotive enthusiast and the auto-body professional can create the perfect surface for a beautiful paint job. Wet and dry sandpapers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to handle any project large or small, and the line also features two unique waterproof sandpaper tools - the AutoZip Sander(tm) and ZipXL, and a unique waterproof sanding sponge holder - the AutoZip Sponge Holder. The 1-2-3-4 Finishing System includes color-coded and numbered sandpapers for hand and machine sanding that makes it easy to pick the appropriate sandpaper for the task at hand. The Finish 1st(tm) Automotive Finishing System is available at select retailers. Please visit to learn more about the Finish 1st(tm) Automotive Finishing System, and to find a retailer near you, call (800) 255-4748.
Photo 3/4   |   mini Market July 2009 radiator
High-Efficiency Radiators
Mattson's Radiator builds high-efficiency aluminum radiators for many applications to fit a variety of street rods, cars, and trucks.
Their custom radiators can be built in a double-pass or triple-pass design to maximize the amount of tube-to-fin surface that water flows through before returning to the engine. This provides a large increase in cooling efficiency. Most radiators are constructed from high quality aluminum and include a polished radiator cap. They can build custom radiators for your project vehicle and install it at their shop or provide you with a template for easy do-it-yourself mounting. Also offered are drop in replacements, fan shrouds, electric fans, trans coolers and AC condensers. Mattson's is an authorized Gas Tank Renu dealer. Complete sales, service, repair and installation are offered on site at their Stanton, California headquarters. For more information, contact Mattson's Radiator (800) 814-4238 or check out
Photo 4/4   |   mini Market July 2009 flywheel
Lightweight Fly
Made for the 5VZ V-6 Toyota motor, this American-made flywheel weighs half of what the stock one does, so it will rev much faster.
You will feel acceleration like you never thought possible even with a stock engine. This proven performance flywheel is made from quality 6061 T6 aluminum with a replaceable steel wear pad for long life. For even better results, add one of LCE's Pro Clutch kits to complete the package. For more information contact, LC Engineering at (928) 505-2501 or visit



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