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Canton Racing Accusump - Pressurized Lubrication

An Accusump may just save your engine from permanent destruction

Harley Camilleri
Feb 1, 2012
Of all the systems that comprise a working engine, the oiling system is one of the most important parts of the puzzle. Forcing vital lubricating fluids to the metal-on-metal assemblies inside an engine's core, the buffering properties of today's oils are the lifeblood of any internal combustion machine. So it doesn't make sense to simply overlook the oil as being an occasional check-up item on our truck "to-do" list. When pushing high rpms for extended periods of time, repeated drag launches, or swinging from one corner apex to the next, the oil in the pan constantly moves with the forces being enacted against it. Add to that, cold starting of an engine when it has zero oil pressure, and we begin to see the needs for a product to make us feel like we're not on a daily mission to destroy our beloved engine by grinding all its internals together.
Photo 2/12   |   From Canton Racing, the Accusump has four main parts to order. One part number covers the unit itself, with different sizes and designs for small to large engines. A second number corresponds to the Electric Pressure Control kit, which has valve pressures spread across a range of oil pressure choices. The third part number nets the end user with the proper oil filter adapter, stainless braided hose, and proper fittings. Finally, the fourth part number matches to a pair of mounting bracket choices.
Coming to the aid of performance enthusiasts of all kinds is the Accusump from Canton Racing Products. The Accusump is a storage container that holds a reserve of pressurized oil, to be released when there is a drop in the oil pressure. It is connected to, and is charged by, the engine's own oil pump. The Accusump's design revolves around a hydraulic piston separating pressurized air from an oil reservoir. On the oil side, it has an outlet that feeds into the engine's oiling system, controlled by an electric valve. As the ignition is turned on, the unit delivers oil to the engine before starting to eliminate dry start scuffing. The item also discharges oil during low oil pressure surges to protect against engine damage during demanding racing conditions. In essence, the Accusump is a safety net for your truck's oil system. We took the opportunity to install one in a Silverado fitted with a blown 427ci LSX under its hood. Take a look at the install and see how easy it is to protect your high-speed ride.
From The Driver Seat
Oil and oil pressure are of utmost concern during normal driving and even more so with spirited jaunts or track time. Having the Accusump mounted in the truck added a measure of relief that we can push the truck hard without fear we might oil starve the engine. The Accusump is built topnotch and required very little in the way of installation effort. If you have never done it before, assembling AN fittings to any type of braided hose can be a challenge and represented the most tedious portion of our time during the install. Since we are running the Electric Pressure Control kit, we need to do nothing out of the ordinary to drive the truck to the store or on the track. The system runs itself and is a great relief knowing the we have upwards of 60 seconds worth of additional oil pressure should the need arise.
Photo 12/12   |   10. The additional amount of oil necessary to cover the three-quart capacity of our Accusump was poured into the engine’s oil pan as we ran the Accusump through the necessary tests to ensure it was receiving, storing, and properly releasing the oil, as it was designed for. With all systems passed, we closed the hood with piece of mind knowing the engine was going to be protected from low oil pressure spikes and dry start-ups.



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