Easy Hemi Horsepower Upgrades for your Dodge Ram

Better Breathing for Your Dodge Ram from BBK

Harley Camilleri
May 1, 2012
Photographers: Courtesy of the Manufacturer
Adding horsepower to nearly any computer-controlled EFI vehicle nowadays still follows the original plan for more power set forth since hot rodding was in its infancy. The old adage still rings true with more air in and more air out being the basics of the equation. Proper fuel and timing are a serious part of the equation too, but that's the beauty of EFI. Allowing the engine to get more air in the cylinders and out through the exhaust is our part, while we leave it up to the computer to read the amount of air traveling in, compressing, firing, and exhaling.
Photo 2/25   |   2008 Dodge Ram Quad Cab dyno Tuning
One of the most well-known companies to bring horsepower to the masses is BBK Performance. Situated in picturesque Temecula, California, BBK produces a myriad of go-fast parts that are made in-house for most any EFI performance, offering from Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ford. We really like our '09 Dodge Ram and its Hemi power, so we took a look into what parts BBK offers for the full line of Hemi trucks. With an '08 Quad Cab Ram at the ready, BBK pulled its bolt-on parts in the form of an 85mm electronic throttle body, cold-air intake system, and direct-fit, shorty headers. The installation of all the items was a breeze, with the headers taking the most time of the three. At home with a decent set of tools, expect to put in a little more time than we did with the luxury of a full shop and hydraulic vehicle lift.
Photo 3/25   |   1. Designed as a direct replacement, BBK’s latest cold air induction system (pn. 1733 $279.99) is a simple bolt on. As with all BBK cold air intake systems, the high flow cotton element filter is a washable unit that will last the life of your vehicle. This system features a chrome-plated inlet elbow with a black powder coated shroud for excellent looks.
Photo 25/25   |   Test driving the truck confirmed there was no leaks and, most importantly, no dreaded Check Engine light. The Ram was strapped to the dyno for post-install numbers and laid down 260.17 hp and 266.91 lb-ft of torque. Those numbers represent a change of 7.62 hp and 2.8 lb-ft of torque at the peak. The biggest gains came much farther down in the proper driving area where a larger majority of the thrust control comes from. The dyno showed maximum gains of 10.48 hp and 16.48 lb-ft of torque down in the 3,000 through 4,000-rpm range, which is perfect for those pesky freeway on-ramps.
Our Honest Opinion
Too many people focus strictly on the peak numbers. Peak numbers are where you find your bragging numbers, but the real world wants big numbers where the majority of the driving is accomplished. With that being said, this Dodge Ram's Hemi now has a nice rumble to it thanks to the headers, and the rushing air into the engine sounds fantastic. With more than 10 extra ponies galloping with nearly 17 additional lb-ft of torque, this Ram is much more entertaining to drive now. The sound is right, the added horsepower is right, and we brought the truck just that much closer to the 345 hp that Dodge rates its 5.7L Hemi.


BBK Performance
Temecula, CA 92590



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