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  • 2018 Ram 3500- Unexpected Upgrades Part III: Pick-Me-Up

2018 Ram 3500- Unexpected Upgrades Part III: Pick-Me-Up

Power on Demand

Bryan Fross
Oct 23, 2018
Photographers: Team Truckin
When you plan to use your truck for towing—especially for show vehicles, like in this case—you may want (or need) a little extra power the factory model didn’t provide. You may have already seen previous articles regarding the lift, interior upgrades, and electric steps on this ’18 Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab, but we’re not done with Mike Sutton’s project by a long shot. In this edition, we’ll give it a little pick-me-up by way of an Edge Juice with Attitude CTS2 programmer and an S&B cold-air intake.
There are many benefits to these simple upgrades. Some are widely known, others not so obvious. Thanks to the Edge Juice with Attitude CTS2, you can have complete control over your experience behind the wheel. There are five available power levels to choose from, with the ability to change them on the fly. And you can expect up to an additional 150 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. If you’re looking for improved throttle response, overall driveability, safety, and more power, you’re going to want the Juice with Attitude CTS2 plugged into your rig. With a full-color, high-resolution swipe screen in your cab, you have adjustments at your fingertips and multiple gauge screen layouts to view what’s going on under the hood while you’re rolling along. Other features include dynamic safety features, such as cold engine protection, backdowns, and a turbo timer, as well as performance tuning for mileage, towing, daily driving, and performance.
While the programmer handles the job of maximizing computer capabilities, your truck can always use a little more airflow to breathe easier. The S&B cold-air intake we’re installing will not only allow more air in after it replaces the mostly closed-off airbox that came with the truck, but it will also utilize the same motor that drives the Ram-Air to activate a swing gate, drawing in more than 50 percent more air. The swing gate functions the same as the stock airbox, but, unlike the factory, it gives you the option of dual inlets simultaneously. You have the ability to remove the dam from the gate arm and reattach whenever you like. Follow along as we add both products, resulting in a noticeable change to Mike’s Mega Cab.
Photo 2/36   |   We started with the Edge Juice with Attitude CTS2 and Amp’d Throttle Booster module, which come supplied with all the accessories needed for mounting.
Photo 3/36   |   As with all electrical projects, we removed the negative battery cables before proceeding to the installation.
Photo 4/36   |   The next step was to remove the correct fuse from the panel under the hood. In this case, we removed fuse F75 as listed in the installation instructions for this truck.
Photo 5/36   |   Then, we inserted the leaded fuse link provided. The leg with the wire soldered to it needs to plug into the “Hot” side of the fuse location as shown.
Photo 6/36   |   In order to reach the stock injector connectors, we removed the dust shield on top of the motor, then located the connectors. We then proceeded to plug in the Edge injector connectors between each of them.
Photo 7/36   |   Using a good, grounded bolt on the fender near the electrical box, we routed the wire from the Edge main harness and attached the ground connector.
Photo 8/36   |   Moving to the firewall, the OBDII connector was fed through a grommet into the cab. This wiring is supplied with an EAS junction, HDMI connector, and Data Link connector. The rectangular EAS connector and cable are routed through the firewall grommet. The JAB and Juice Module will remain under the hood.
Photo 9/36   |   The Juice to Attitude Bridge connector (or JAB) is plugged inline with the circular EAS connector. The Attitude unit will not function properly without this correctly installed.
Photo 10/36   |   Inside the cab, we located the throttle sensor under the dashboard to plug in the Amp’d module with supplied harness, then we secured it using the provided zip ties.
Photo 11/36   |   An Amp’d switch can be mounted using the bracket it comes with, or, in our case, flush mounted in an area near the harness connector. This switch will allow throttle sensitivity changes on the fly.
Photo 12/36   |   While we were under the dash, we routed the HDMI connector up through the dashboard driver-side access panel in preparation for plugging into the monitor.
Photo 13/36   |   To install the EGT probe, a small hole was drilled and pipe-tapped into the exhaust manifold according to the instructions provided. We got the fitting into the tapped hole, making sure to not cross-thread.
Photo 14/36   |   We then removed the fitting from the thermocouple and installed it by slowly tightening the tapered thread end into the manifold until it was seated securely.
Photo 15/36   |   The yellow and red connectors for the EGT probe are routed to the corresponding Juice harness connectors and wrapped with shrink tube as shown.
Photo 16/36   |   The Edge main harness can now be plugged into the unit after being secured with the supplied Velcro to the top of the factory electrical box.
Photo 17/36   |   After choosing a mounting location and securing the monitor in place, the system can be turned on.
Photo 18/36   |   We had menu access immediately after the startup screen, allowing for many options and settings at the press of a button.
Photo 19/36   |   Here, you can see the layout panel allows us to keep an eye on each individual reading.
Photo 20/36   |   Our second task of this underhood project was to get the S&B Filter installed in place of the factory Ram-Air box.
Photo 21/36   |   We started by unplugging all the harnesses attached to the stock air intake tube and box.
Photo 22/36   |   Then we located the turbo inlet, loosened the spring clamp, and disconnected the hose.
Photo 23/36   |   Using a ratchet and socket, we removed the retaining bolt for the airbox while making sure to loosen any other hose clamps as well.
Photo 24/36   |   The factory airbox could now be lifted from its location, but we had to do this slowly and disconnect the harness located on the underside of the box.
Photo 25/36   |   The MAF sensor and IAT sensor are removed from the factory airbox by removing the three factory bolts then installed using the supplied screws and gaskets on the new S&B intake.
Photo 26/36   |   We also removed the factory swing gate motor from the old airbox as directed and installed it on the new unit.
Photo 27/36   |   After constructing the S&B Swing Gate Dam to Arm using the provided hardware, we installed the inlets in the front and side.
Photo 28/36   |   The swing gate could now be slid onto the exposed shaft as shown.
Photo 29/36   |   The assembled S&B intake is now ready for installation with the sensors and turbo hose we installed.
Photo 30/36   |   Using the supplied extension harness, we connected the swing gate motor and sensor prior to putting the air intake into the truck.
Photo 31/36   |   The airbox is now dropped in place with the turbo hose fit into place and tightened using hose clamps.
Photo 32/36   |   Reversing the removal process, we plugged in each of the harnesses to the correct sensors.
Photo 33/36   |   We then tightened the main retaining bolt to lock the unit into place.
Photo 34/36   |   The filter can now be placed inside the box and the hose clamp tightened to secure it.
Photo 35/36   |   The top protective lid is then prepared with the edge trim and then tightened onto the unit using four screws.
Photo 36/36   |   Our S&B intake is installed and ready to go! The effect this combo had on driveability and power was significant to say the least. We could feel all 150 horses we added, which will make this tow rig that much more fun and functional!


Edge Products
Ogden, UT 84404
S&B Filters
Ontario, CA 91761



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