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Harley Camilleri
Jul 1, 2012
Hello Truckin,
I was thinking about getting one of the '88-'94 Chevy C/K trucks with a 5.7L manual five-speed transmission. I know you have tested the Banks mule pickup with its twin-turbo system that was backed by a Doug Nash six-speed. I have looked for a Doug Nash and other six-speeds, but I can't seem to find any. Is there any info that teaches how to modify a five-speed into a six-speed?
Chad Hinkle

Creating a six-speed from a five-speed isn't something to give more than two thoughts to. Your query is easily answered by checking out the offerings from both Richmond ( and Tremec ( Both companies offer six-speed transmissions with ratio choices that will suit your build perfectly.
Photo 2/6   |   you Asked We Answered Issue 7 tremec Transmission

Hello there,
I have some questions about "Small Cubes, Big Power" (Dec. '10). Did you have to replace the stock fuel pump, injectors, and ignition system? Also, is the FAST XFI management system in place just to tune the ECM to get optimal horsepower? I would like to run this engine set up in my off-road truck, so all the information you could give me would be really awesome.
Thanks, Christopher

Since this engine was run strictly on a dyno, we did not have a fuel pump to replace. In your truck you would not need to replace the fuel pump, but at the power levels we were reaching, it is highly recommended to at least get a 255lph unit. As for the injectors and ECM, we did run 36-pound injectors for tuning and the XFI is a stand-alone ECM designed to run engines when no other ECM is present. In your truck, the original ECM can be custom tuned in a similar fashion.
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You Wanted to Know:
After posting the "What's the one tool you can't live without?" question on Facebook, the staff took a stab at it:

Dan Ward, Editor: Makita impact.
Maxwell "New Guy" Matthewson, Feature Editor: Duct tape.
Rob Munoz, Art Director: Vise-Grips.
Lorraine McCraw, Managing Editor: Power drill
Harley Camilleri, Contributing Tech Editor: Socket set and ratchet
Photo 4/6   |   "New Guy" office slippers.
Photo 5/6   |   you Asked We Answered Issue 7 socket Set And Ratchet

2012 Show Calendar
May 6
Relaxing in SoCal Torrance, California

May 19-20
Showfest Sam's Town Casino Tunica, Mississippi

June 2-3
Texas Showdown Houston, Texas

June 16-17
Slamology Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis, Indiana

July 28-29
Texas Heatwave Austin, Texas
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