You Asked, We Answered - December 2013

Your Truck Tech Questions Answered

Julio Garcia-Vargas
Nov 12, 2013
Photographers: Team Truckin
I recently bought a new-to-me 2010 Dodge Ram 1500. It is completely stock right now, but I have some big plans for it. I always check to see what Truckin magazine suggests. I saw a Ram on the Truckin Facebook page that I like the stance of. It was red with black wheels. Can you tell me some info on it?
Much thanks,
Brian Abrahamson Baltimore, Maryland
Thanks for checking in with us to see what we suggest. We try to keep up with all the new products for all the trucks. The Ram you speak of is one of our in-house projects. It sits on a McGaughys 2/4-kit and the factory 20-inch wheels. It rides better than stock and has never failed to turn heads. Thanks for your interest.
Hello Truckin!
I have a quick question about tonneau bed covers. I have seen several different versions and wondered what the difference is between these versions. Any help is appreciated.
Greg Hernandez
Austin, Texas
Photo 2/5   |   Roll Up Tonneau
You are correct, there are several different types of tonneau covers. I will go over the three most common versions. By far the most prevalent is the hard, fiberglass version. This is probably the most secure and best looking, but it also limits the cargo you can carry and is difficult to remove. The next is the hard rolling tonneau. These are made of metal and roll into a box in the front of your bed, taking up about a foot of your bed. These don’t necessarily look as good as the hard version, but they are more functional and offer about the same amount of security. Lastly, there are soft folding or roll-up tonneau covers. These are perfect for the guy who just wants to cover his bed and isn’t as concerned about security. These are also the easiest to remove as they are most often attached with just Velcro or snaps.
What Happened?
We recently came across this malfunction on a truck that we were working on. What do you think happened? Send your thoughts or comments to
Photo 3/5   |   Broken Part Of Truck
2013 Show Calendar
September 21-22 Lakefront Tour • Lake Charles, Louisiana
September 28-29 Slamfest • Gainesville, Florida
October 11-13 Battle Drag • LaMarque, Texas
October 18-20 Last Resort • Jennings, Texas
Photo 4/5   |   Hot Model
The big buzz in the truck industry right now is the new GM ½-ton trucks. With redefined exterior styling, never-before-seen technology packages, and brand-new powertrains, including the EcoTec3 engines, these trucks are poised to change the new truck game. Next month we will delve deeper into the new engines and show you what makes them so great. Be sure to pick up a copy of Issue 13, on sale October 15.
Photo 5/5   |   Gm Ecotec3 Engine



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