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Alex Steele
Mar 24, 2011
Question: I drive a 1990 Chevy 2500 pickup that won't idle when it warms up. Otherwise, it runs great. It now has 145,000 miles. Any help would be appreciated!
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Answer: Start with the basics. If you have a scan tool, or know someone who does, first check for trouble codes and then take a look at the IAC (Idle Air Control) counts. If they read high (above 40), that means the PCM is sending a command to raise the idle speed more than needed to correct a problem. The two most common issues are too much carbon buildup on the throttle plate (preventing enough air from bypassing the plate to sustain idle) or a stuck IAC valve (PCM sending the command, but the Idle Air Control valve is not responding). My advice would be to first thoroughly clean the throttle plate. It’s a simple procedure: Pull the air duct, and spray throttle body cleaner all over the throttle plate and surrounding throttle bore. Then scrub with a rag and a toothbrush, getting all the nooks and crannies, and spray it down again when finished. If there’s still a problem, it could be a stuck IAC valve, which requires a special tool, a bidirectional scanner, or an experienced tech with a digital multimeter to test. The list of possible causes doesn’t stop there. It could be a vacuum leak, mechanical engine problem, and so on.

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