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Exhausting All Options

Alex Steele
Mar 21, 2011
Question: I just bought a used Tundra, a 2009 with the Rock Warrior package. I got a few upgrades after the purchase (running boards, bedcover). I also added a TRD cold-air intake and wanted the TRD exhaust. I was told that TRD didn't have pipes for the 2009s yet, so I ordered a set of Borlas through the local Toyota dealership. The guys there said these would not affect the remaining warranty. When the pipes arrived, I took the truck in for installation. A few hours later, the dealership called and said it couldn't put the pipes on because my truck is a Flex-Fuel vehicle. I didn't think that would be a problem. The truck has the 5.7-liter engine. What pipes could I get that are compatible and won't affect the warranty?
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Answer: I checked and double-checked, but can't confirm the problem you're encountering. TRD lists the same cat-back exhaust for the 2009 Tundra with the 5.7-liter -- Flex-Fuel or not. I got the same answer from Borla; both engines use the same pipe diameter, and there's no difference in routing. I took it one step further and contacted Toyota parts. We compared exhaust part numbers using the 3UR-FBE engine (Flex-Fuel 5.7-liter) and the 3UR-FE (gas 5.7-liter). It's the same exhaust component part numbers for both. Eliminating the Flex-Fuel engine as a discrepancy, exhaust layouts can also be affected by the cab option and bed length. The Rock Warrior package was available only on the standard-bed 4x4 Double Cab or CrewMax models. So double-check with TRD and/or Borla to be sure everyone is talking about the right body configuration.

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