Since the SEMA show, we've been slowly working toward finishing our resident project truck, The Desert Dragger. Just last week, we pulled the truck into the shop yet again to make a few changes to the interior. The truck came to us already decked out in black leather, which was cool but not custom enough. In order to make the truck as visually appealing as possible, we needed to throw a little color into the interior, and black leather just wasn't cutting it. That's when we called upon Josh Handman and the crew from Leather Trim Limited from Arlington, Texas. Josh, also known by most magazines as "My Buddy Josh - Custom Upholstery," has taken great pains to come up with kits that easily replace the factory seat covers in most mini-trucks. If you can think it, he can build a kit for it, which can save you hundreds of dollars in custom upholstery. The kit we installed in the Dragger runs somewhere in the $500 range using tanned leather and suede in two colors. Follow along as we install Leather Trim's kit with some amazing results.