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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - February 2005

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Mike Alexander
Feb 1, 2005
Photo 2/6   |   mini Market fred Bear Designs
Work Shirts
When it comes time to have your club shirts, event shirts, work shirts, hats, jackets, or anything else you can think of made, you want the best quality at the lowest prices. Since we changed our logo last year, our staff decided it was time for a wardrobe change as well. We stumbled upon Corinne Jordan through her son Jamey Jordan and saw the incredible embroidery she has done on thousands of truck enthusiasts' club shirts, work shirts, and so on. We decided to pick up a few shirts for ourselves. For more information, contact:
Photo 3/6   |   mini Market gloves In A Bottle
Gloves Where?
Gloves in a Bottle is a new breakthrough in protective wear for when you work on your truck, wash or clean your mini, or are exposed to harsh elements but don't want to put gloves on because they're annoying. Gloves in a Bottle bonds with the outer layer of skin to turn it into what looks like an invisible pair of gloves. These "invisible gloves" keep moisture-robbing irritants out, while helping to retain your skin's own natural moisture. Gloves in a Bottle is virtually undetectable once dry, lasts for hours, and comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells. For more information, contact: (800) 600-1881,
Photo 4/6   |   mini Market alphasonik
Going Convertible
Alphasonik, with its PFC series of full-range speakers, introduces a new versatility to its full-range line. The C stands for convertible, meaning the tweeter is removable, and the speaker can be converted into a component unit. In addition to the flexibility of the convertible speaker is a newly designed basket assembly and grille design. The PF52C handles 140 watts RMS. With nine models to choose from, you can fill virtually any OEM application. These speakers are very natural-sounding and ideal for sound quality installations, while also handling the massive power requirements to keep up with SPL systems. For more information on Alphasonik's entire line of mobile car audioproducts, contact: Alphasonik, Dept. MT., 114 S. Berry St., Brea, CA 92821, (714) 988-0370,
Photo 5/6   |   mini Market stylin Concepts
Stylin' Pro Finish
Not quite a polish, not quite a wax. Stylin' Pro Finish is an advanced polymer, which creates an invisible barrier of protection against dirt, bug splats, and other contaminants that can stain your paint and ruin your vehicle's finish. It works by coating your vehicle with a finish so slick that bugs, tree sap, and road grime simply won't stick to it. Stylin' Pro Finish eliminates the need to wax and creates a high-gloss finish that provides deeper-looking color longer than waxing or polishing. Pro Finish restores dull, oxidized paint to its original luster and even fills in fine scratches and swirl marks. For more information, contact: Stylin' Concepts, Dept. MT, 7820 E. Pleasant Valley Rd., Independence, OH 44131, (800) 434-5857,
Photo 6/6   |   mini Market cg Lock
Buckle Up For Speed
CG-Lock is the first device designed to improve the performance of the driver, not the automobile. This new performance add-on for your seatbelt is specifically engineered to hold the driver tight in the seat, enhancing control, road feel, maneuverability, and reaction time. The CG-Lock attaches very simply to the tongue of the seatbelt and locks the lap belt into a position that dramatically increases driver control. For more information, contact: Mather Automotive Innovations Inc., Dept. MT, 50 Slashpine Cir., Hockessin, DE 19707,



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