Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - May 2005

Mike Alexander
May 1, 2005
Photo 2/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories armorall
Squeeze On, Dry Off
Armor All's New Wash and Wax System Delivers Superior Cleaning and Real Wax Shine in record time. Forget "Wax on, wax off." With the introduction of the new car wash and wax system from the makers of Armor All, the new phrase will be "Squeeze on, dry off." The new Armor All PowerWash Gel and Wax-It-Dry Gel system offers a revolutionary way to clean, delivering a professionally detailed look in half the time. The PowerWash Gel is applied directly to a wet surface, eliminating the need for a messy bucket of soap and water. The Wax-It-Dry Gel with real carnauba wax is just squeezed on your just-washed truck and then dried - no buffing needed. For more information, contact:
Photo 3/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories IF Custom
Oasis Install Kit
IF Customs is the first to introduce an entire install kit for the Oasis HP1000 Trailhead compressor. This powerful 2-1/2hp 12-volt motor pumps out 8 cfm at 100 psi. However, the 180-amp current draw can be very tough on the stock battery and charging system. The IF Custom install kit includes a battery tray for an Optima battery to optimize the Oasis compressor output. The complete IF Custom Oasis Install Kit comes with an Oasis HP1000 compressor, an Optima Yellow Top battery, an IF/Oasis install bracket, an IF/Optima install bracket, an Oasis check valve, an Oasis steel-braided line, 20-feet of four-gauge welding cable, an adjustable pressure switch, a relay, and miscellaneous installation hardware. The kit can be purchased complete or just individual parts as needed. For more information, contact: IF Customs, Dept. MT, 12423 Gladstone Ave. Ste. 27, Sylmar, CA 91342, (818) 837-3000,
Photo 4/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories kaik Products
Custom One-Offs
Have you been looking for a custom billet part for your truck that no one makes, or just need something truly custom? KAIK Products is a machine shop that specializes in custom truck one-off accessories. From unsurpassed front-end grilles to custom one-of-a-kind interiors, and everything in between, the company can build it. KAIK's original designs and attention to detail, using state-of-the-art design software and precision CNC equipment, will expose you to a whole new dimension of truck customizing. KAIK Products works one-on-one with clients nationwide to provide the best reflection of their personal style in every part produced. For more information, contact: KAIK Products, Dept. MT, 3815 Timms St., Ste. 108, Tyler, TX 75701, (903) 561-6200,
Photo 5/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories intellicellT
The Smart Choice
IntellicellT, the new intelligent dual battery system from Reserve Power Cell, incorporates a unique main and reserve cell design compatible with existing size and fill technologies. The result is a battery with innovative, advanced electronics, reserve power, and safety management capabilities. IntellicellT essentially packs two batteries into the same size requirements of a current car battery. It contains an isolated reserve cell that can power the car in case the main battery fails. The battery's electronics monitor the electrical flow and automatically switch to the reserve cell if warranted. This ensures that the battery can always deliver the needed power. For more information, contact: David Elder, (954) 571-7728.



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