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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - December 2005

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Chad Lucas
Dec 1, 2005
Photo 2/9   |   mini Market az Fast Air Pump
The Air Up There
The AZ Fast Air Pump is engineered for air-ride air-suspension vehicles. It's rated at 200 psi working pressure, is 100 percent duty cycle, is moisture- and dust-resistant, and features an oil-free design. The patented Interchangeable Piston Technology allows users to replace the piston ring periodically to prolong air pump life. The AZ Fast Air Pump is equipped with a high-performance racing-style air filter and a stainless-steel-braided air hose with inline check valve. It takes less than two minutes to fill up a 5-gallon air tank from 160 psi to 200 psi. All AZ products come with one full-year manufacturer's warranty. For more information, contact: (702) 270-7988,
Photo 3/9   |   mini Market control Arms
Control Arms CanDo Wonders
CanDo Specialties introduces its new line of custom tubular upper and lower A-arms. There are many styles available, including the '84-'94 Toyota A-arms. Not only do these arms look good, but they allow more clearance up front so you can get more lift out of the front 'bags. In addition, the way they're built, you can now eliminate the front strut bars. All arms are made from DOM tubing and machined shafts, and are all TIG-welded for optimum strength and bitchin' looks. Applications are also available for the Tacoma, S-10s, Mazda, and Nissan. For more information, contact: (530) 533-8680,
Photo 4/9   |   mini Market autoloc Hot Rod Gauges
AutoLc Hot Rod Gauges With Pinstriping
The new AutoLc Hot Rod Gauges allow you to monitor the important components that keep your ride running smoothly. They're great for custom dashes or replacements for OEM gauges. All gauges feature multicolor '50s-style pinstriping with easy-to-read faces. AutoLc Hot Rod Gauges are available in two color configurations: white face/black lettering and black face/white lettering. AutoLc carries 2-1/16-inch gauges to monitor fuel, voltage, amps, oil pressure, and water temperature. Speedometer and tachometer gauges come in 3-3/8-inch sizes. Some gauges are available in electric versions with sending units or mechanical operation. For more information, contact:
Photo 5/9   |   mini Market billet steering Wheels
Steer Your Way To Cool
Chassis Tech introduces its new Billet Steering Wheels. These wheels are constructed using forged CNC billet aluminum and are designed to fit a variety of vehicles. The outer ring is covered in a hard and durable painted fiberglass material - all of Chassis Tech's billet steering wheels are built to last. Available in a standard size of 14 inches, these new steering wheels are just the right fit for most cars or trucks. For more information, contact: (888) 761-1525,
Photo 6/9   |   mini Market zexy Horses
Zexy Horses
The just-released ZEX Race EFI Nitrous System incorporates several nitrous technology breakthroughs, making it the perfect choice for serious race applications. One such patent-worthy advancement is ZEX's Fuel Shear technology, which injects the enrichment fuel directly into the center of the nitrous plume, yielding total and even fuel atomization. As with every ZEX nitrous system, the new Race EFI System includes the tuning and safety feature that has revolutionized the nitrous industry - Active Fuel Control. Fuel enrichment is automatically adjusted in accordance with bottle pressure, so tune-ups stay dead-on, despite bottle pressure fluctuation. In addition, the Race EFI Nitrous System also uses a patented electronic TPS switch for perfect system activation at wide-open throttle. Tunable from 100 to 250 hp, the new ZEX Race EFI Nitrous System is compatible with any fuel-injected engine. For more information, contact: (888) 817-1008,
Photo 7/9   |   mini Market branded Clothing
Branded Clothing
Brand 1 Clothing is proud to announce a whole new lineup of men's and women's clothing, hats, belt buckles, and skate decks. The new shirt designs incorporate elements from Cadillac and Bentley symbols, as well as other original artwork. If style means as much to you as your truck does, then this is the clothing for you. For more information, contact:
Photo 8/9   |   mini Market aircharger

Does Your '05 V-6 Tacoma Want More Horsies?
With the addition of K&N Engineering's 63 Series (P/N 63-9025) AirCharger, V-6 Tacoma owners can expect to gain an additional 10 hp at the rear wheels while still maintaining their factory warranty. K&N's pleated, oil-impregnated cotton-mesh High-Flow Air Filters offer more air as well as a smoother airflow. The counterpart to the AirCharger 's filter is its roto-molded, custom-designed intake tube, which gives the engine a smoother intake path for improved acceleration and throttle response. The Tacoma AirCharger is backed by the famous K&N "Million Mile Limited Warranty" and can be serviced as often as needed with K&N's easy-to-use Filter ReCharger Kit (P/N 99-5050). For more information, contact:
Photo 9/9   |   mini Market auto Optics
Safe and Clean
Auto Optics has developed a new and unique car care line formulated to be environmentally friendly and provide long-lasting protection. The new car care products are formulated without petroleum solvents or harsh chemicals. These products consist of waxes, polishes, leather care, paint detailers, plastic care, interior dressings, tire dressings, and car soap. The creation of these solvent-free products is made possible by a unique formulation method Auto Optics developed. Auto Optics looked at how to create a product that will outperform its competitors in gloss, protection, and longevity. With the use of special optical enhancers and high levels of UVA/UVB ingredients, the company has created a high-performing product line that meets these requirements. For more information, contact:


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