Harman Kardon Drive Play - Ipod + Truck = Music On The Road

Harman/Kardon Makes It Possible To Plug An Ipod To Your Sound System

Kevin Aguilar
Apr 1, 2006
Photographers: Kevin Aguilar
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So, you got that brand new iPod and have no idea how to transfer your tunes from your new toy to your mobile audio system in your truck. That is a pretty common problem, with more and more people buying Apple's hottest gizmo. And it is one of the better ways to store a massive amount of music in a handheld device. In other words, this product allows you to hear all of your songs without carrying around a book of CDs.
But, the huge question is how to capture those benefits to be useful in your vehicle's entertainment system. There are many FM modulators out there that will send out a radio signal to your head unit, but they plug into the cigarette lighter and leave your iPod loose. You will need to use its controller to change your music selections. Also, while you scroll around on the iPod, your eyes will be focused on the screen rather than the road.
The solution is Harman/Kardon's new Drive + Play system, which solves these problems of syncing your portable iPod with your truck's audio system. The kit comes complete with a display unit, controller, and a brain that networks everything together. Essentially, you will plug your iPod to the brain via direct cable, which takes over the system, displays it on the screen, and lets you scroll your playlist from the controller, which is designed similar to the one on your iPod.
This kit comes simple and ready to rock. The display is mounted to a point on the dash that won't distract your attention from the road. The controller gets placed on an armrest or console that will be relatively close to you, making it easy to reach when shuffling through songs. The brain gets mounted discreetly in the glovebox or behind your head unit. Then, for the iPod, it will be hooked to a connecting wire that charges it and feeds your data to the brain, and it is placed either in the glovebox or console. With the new controller, the iPod can be put in these different places because the system will let you manage it by means of the Drive + Play.
Overall, the new Harman/Kardon product will let you hear your music with ease. With completion of the kit, there is less time spent turning on and off the iPod or pausing it every time you turn off the vehicle. Once installed, the system will make it easier to hear all of your music on the road, while not having anything distract your attention, like when you fumble your hands and eyes around for your iPod.



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