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Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - October 2006

Want - Find - Buy - Build

Ashley Alexander
Oct 1, 2006
Photo 2/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories stylin Concepts
Brakes That Won't Break the Bank
Stylin' Concepts is pleased to announce the addition of Stainless Steel Brake Corporation (SSBC) to their already extensive line of custom truck and SUV accessories. With over 30 years of experience in the brake industry, SSBC has high-performance brake systems designed for stock and larger wheels. Whether you need high-performance slotted rotors and pads or hot new three-piston calipers, SSBC has something for you. They also offer many kits for light-truck applications (a market segment not offered by many other brake manufacturers). For more information, contact Stylin' Concepts at (800) 434-4381 or log on to
Photo 3/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories racing Head Service
New Vortec Small-Block Chevy Cylinder Heads
The new RHS Vortec Iron Performance cylinder heads deliver superior flow characteristics. In comparison to the popular GM 906 casting, the RHS heads deliver 27 more cfm at 0.500-inch lift. Constructed from high-quality cast iron, these heads are perfect for racing classes where iron heads (standard 2.02-inch intake & 1.600-inch exhaust valve sizing) are required. Featuring dual pattern (four- & six-bolt) intake compatibility, these heads work with virtually any intake manifold (including early-style) rather than being restricted to Vortec-style components, which has been a limiting factor in the past. Equipped with hardened exhaust seats, multi-angle performance inlet valve seats and "Fast Burn" 64cc combustion chambers, the new RHS Vortec heads are perfect for both race and street performance applications. For more information, call RHS at (877) 776-4323 or visit them online at
Photo 4/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories orison Marketing
Easy Aluminum Restoration
In the past, cleaning and restoring oxidized aluminum required use of a media blaster, grinder, or other destructive tool that could damage a valuable or irreplaceable alloy part. Now you can make oxidized aluminum shine like new with Alumina, the latest innovation from Orison Marketing. Alumina is an aluminum-oxide remover and cleaning agent that contains no fluorides, acids, caustics, or solvents. It's fast acting, biodegradable, and totally safe to use with plastic, rubber, and PVC. Simply immerse the part you wish to clean in the Alumina solution and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then remove the part, rinse thoroughly with warm water, and all the oxidation, tarnish, and other deposits will be gone. Alumina also works great as prep for polishing or paint. For more information, contact Orison Marketing at (325) 692-1135 or visit their website:
Photo 5/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories kenwood
Kenwood Really Brings the Bumps
The three new woofers available are the KFC-W3514DVC, KFC-W3010, and KFC-W2510. The KFC-W3514DVC is a 12-inch subwoofer with a steel basket and a Titanium coated cone for ultimate strength and reduced weight. The cone has a deep profile, 15 mm deeper than standard models, and moves twenty percent more air volume for greater bass output. It features Dual Voice Coils (4 ohm + 4 ohm), which ensures high power-handling capacity and improves heat dissipation around the voice coil. In fact, the KFC-W3514DVC will handle up to 1,200 watts of peak power, the highest power rating in the new line. The subwoofer can be connected in series, parallel, or bi-amp wiring configurations and jumper plugs are included. The magnet is concealed with a rubber cover for improved cosmetics and elimination of vibration. For more information, visit



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