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Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - December 2006

Want, Find, Buy, Build

Ashley Alexander
Dec 1, 2006
Photo 2/5   |   mini Market performance Products
Tru Filter
You wouldn't settle for substandard gas or oil in your badass modified truck, so why settle for a substandard oil filter? The all-new TruFilter Oil Filtration System from Performance Products is a revolutionary design that provides 100-percent oil filtration through a woven, deep-pleated 0.45-micron surgical stainless steel filter. Powerful rare-earth magnets integrated into the filter capture the smallest metal particles and keep debris from re-entering your engine. The result is extended engine life, improved performance and fuel efficiency, and the added savings of never buying another oil filter. The TruFilter's T304 filter media is washable and reusable, and patented Quadflow Technology doubles oil flow to the motor compared to a standard paper filter. Performance Products carries tons of different TruFilter applications, from domestic pickups and SUVs to the latest import trucks and vans. For complete information on the full line of Performance Products truck parts and accessories, or to receive a copy of its free 2006 catalog, call Performance Products at (800) 752-6116 or check out
Photo 3/5   |   mini Market quaker State
Torque Q
Quaker State Motor Oil in-troduces Q TorquePower Full Synthetic. This new advanced motor oil formulation is engineered to help maximize torque in the engines of hard-working trucks and SUVs, to help give drivers the power they want for towing, hauling, and off-roading. Q TorquePower Full Synthetic is the next generation of the heat-activated Q motor oil line introduced in 2004 to help maximize power to the auto enthusiast market. Torque is a force that produces rotation, such as when an automobile engine delivers torque to the driveshaft and wheels. But poor power transfer can rob your engine of torque. Q's heat-activated formula helps maximize power transfer from the engine to the driveshaft to help truck and SUV owners get the torque needed to meet their towing and hauling needs. Available in retailers nationwide. For more information, visit
Photo 4/5   |   mini Market accel Ignition
Is Bigger Better?
Accel 5mm Spark Plug Wires are a radical departure from all other ignition wires. With half the di-ameter of today's standard wires, the ACCEL 5mm wires are super-flexible and offer extreme space and weight savings. With the performance of 150 ohms-per-foot Ferro-Spiral wound alloy conductor, they deliver maximum energy to the spark plug and provide superior performance. Available with straight or 90-degree plug boot ends, the custom boots are molded from 100-percent silicone and withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F. The universal 8-cylinder wire sets are available in four vivid colors: red, yellow, blue, and black. Think bigger is better? Think again. For more information on Accel products, visit
Photo 5/5   |   mini Market auto Meter
Four Times The Charm
Auto Meter is proud to announce its popular Quad System technology in a smaller 3-3/8-inch size, perfectly suited to all the hot rods and customs with limited dash space. The Quad System gauge monitors fuel level, water temp, oil pressure, and electrical voltage and is available in a matched kit box (all senders included) with a matching Auto Meter programmable electric speedometer. Quad System kit boxes are available in these highly popular vintage-look Street Rod designs. These 3-3/8-inch Quad System gauges are also available separately for those that prefer to mix and match with other instruments in the Auto Meter Street Rod series in order to maximize the potential of their custom interior. For more information, check out
, or call (815) 895-8147.



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