2004 Ford E350 Custom Rear Sight Camera - Hind Sight

Rear Back-up Camera System

Bob Ryder
Oct 1, 2008
Photographers: Bob Ryder
Photo 2/26   |   ford E350 rear Angle
Our Truckin' readers drive their customized trucks, and we want to deliver them the latest in safety accessories. Check out this rear-sight camera from Rostra Precision Controls Inc. Just drop the transmission into Reverse and it instantly activates the Rear Sight Cam, which gives drivers a 150-degree rear vision on the Rear Sight 3-1/2-inch color monitor.
This modification virtually eliminates rear blind spots. This high-quality day/night camera vision system will let you see clearly what is behind you; before, during, and after you've backed up; thus making you aware of children, pets, bicycles, and other obstacles. The Rear Sight waterproof, anti-fog, CCD color image shrouded mini camera will also help you back up to your trailer. It's excellent depth of field lets you locate the hitch ball directly under the trailer's tongue, every time.
The Rear Sight Cam is located inside the rear license plate cove. The 3-1/2-inch LCD color monitor may be mounted in many lcations. You can replace the OEM rearview mirror and just slide the Rear Sight Cam over the rearview mirror windshield mounting bracket. The high-resolution LCD monitor can be mounted atop the dash, or it can also be located somewhere flush with the dash or onto the A-pillar cover.
Follow along as Darren Sprayberry, Al & Ed's MECP-certified service manager technician at the Ontario, California, facility installed the Rostra Precision Controls Inc. Rear Sight Cam system to Truckin's Ford E-350 van, which we fondly call "Big E."
From The Driver Seat
Whether day or night, the instant we dropped the transmission into Reverse, the Rear Sight Cam was activated, transmitting a clear depth of field, 150-degree rearview image of what was behind Big E, and illuminating the 3-1/2-inch LCD color monitor mounted onto the A-pillar.
The Rear Sight Cam stayed activated as long as the vehicle's transmission was in Reverse. We feel this safety addition to Big E has given us added confidence while backing up.
Your Questions Answered
Time Spent Working:
Approximately 2 hours
Degree of Difficulty:
Tools Used:
Torx head drivers, electric drill motor, wire snipes, wire crimp pliers, and a Phillips screwdriver
Parts List:
Rostra Precision Controls Rear Sight Cam PN. 250-8013 $599
3-1/2-inch LCD monitor/stem PN. 250-81183
Camera extension harness PN. 250-8503
Rear camera assembly PN. 250-8112
Hardware package tie wraps, T-taps PN. 250-8524
Dual input harness PN. 250-8016


Al & Ed's Autosound
Ontario, CA 91764
Rostra precision controls inc.
Laurinburg, NC 28352



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