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2007 Chevy Silverado Audio Transformation - Audio Overhaul

An '07 Silverado Gets The Works

Brandan Gillogly
Dec 15, 2008
Photographers: Brandan Gillogly
Photo 2/35   |   2007 Chevy Silverado Audio Transformation pioneer Electronics
We recently had the opportunity to tag along as one of the first batch of new Pioneer AVIC-F90BT navigation head units was installed. The new head unit is the most affordable in-dash navigation Pioneer offers, but it isn't short on features. We had a plan to use the F90BT as the centerpiece for a total audio transformation, with a backup camera, speakers, amps, and subs. We unloaded all of our new Pioneer gear, including shallow mount subs, basalt-cone separates, and a cool new Subthump box at Progressive Mobile Electronics in San Diego, California, and got everything else we needed directly from Progressive's stock. Peter Meyerchick was our audio technician, and did a great job of installing the system seamlessly, working within the confines of the Silverado's cab to hide all of the wiring and secure the amps in an out-of-the-way position. Check out for more on the install.
From The Driver Seat
The backup camera was a great addition to this truck, as anyone with a fullsize crew cab truck knows, any help parallel parking is appreciated. The angle of the camera was perfect, although if you plan on hitching a trailer by yourself, you might want to aim yours a bit lower than we did, which is always an option considering the cams included with the camera.
Our box from Subthump came with the optional Silverado lettering on the front and looked great, it even matched the carpet. Unfortunately, it was cracked in transit and required some silicone sealant to repair. The box was built solidly, so we can only assume that either a whole lot of weight was stacked on it, or, more likely, it was dropped. Regardless, the cracks weren't an issue, and sound quality with the shallow-mount 10-inch subs was awesome. As thin as they are, we could have used 12s in this application, but the 10s were more than adequate. The new basalt-fiber components upped the sound quality by a huge margin. At moderate volume levels, music was noticeably more clear, and from 30 feet away the highs were significantly more pronounced than before. This truck is a tailgating machine!
Bluetooth and voice activation both worked great, and the iPod interface combined with the steering wheel control is a big bonus. There are a few little quirks however. First, on start-up, the system takes a while to load if there's an iPod plugged in. Also on start-up, there's a disclaimer screen that stays up for about 20 to 30 seconds without the option to hit the "OK" button. This comes on every time you start the system and is a small but very annoying hurdle that reminds us how personal responsibility has taken a backseat to filing a lawsuit. Once you actually use the navigation, it's hard to find how to change the scale of the maps, but the touchscreen QWERTY keyboard allows for quick data entry on your search for waypoints.
When it was all said and done, the owner was very happy with both the quality of the products and the installation. Special thanks to Pete Meyerchick for explaining the build as we went and letting us get in his way.
Time Spent Working: Approx. 10 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Intermediate (nothing is too difficult, but experience pays off in troubleshooting and in the cleanliness of the install)
Razor blade, wire strippers, wire crimpers, 18mm wrench, nut drivers, screwdrivers, drill
Accele RVC400R backup camera - $135
JL Audio 12-gauge speaker wire - $7.20
JL Audio 16-gauge speaker wire - $15
Metra Axxess GMOS-LAN-01 Onstar Interface - $110
Metra 95-3302 double-din install kit - $15
Metra 40CR10 antenna adapter - $12
PAC SWI-PS steering wheel control adapter - $75
Premier AVIC-F90BT DVD/Navigation head unit - $1,039
Premier TS-D1720C 6-3/4-inch components with crossover - $220
Premier TS-D502P 5-1/4-inch 2-way speaker - $120
Premier TS-SW251 Shallow-mount subwoofer (two) - $180
Pioneer GM-6300F Four-channel bridgeable amplifier - $200
Pioneer GM-D7400M Class-D mono amplifier - $220
Subthump CRB07-210 Subwoofer enclosure - $200
Tsunami V77-20 20-foot RCA video cable - $18
Tsunami AMP850BL amp installation kit (two) - $28
Tsunami RTP8.94-20 gold RCA audio cables - $18
Total cost (not including labor or tax): $2,820.20
*Prices courtesy of Progressive Electronics and Pioneer.


Pioneer Electronics
Long Beach, CA 90810
Connersville, IN 47331
Progressive Electronics
San Diego, CA 92110


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