1989 Chevy S-10 - Interior Restoration

Cleaning Up A Cabin With LMC, ACC, And Some Good Old-Fashioned Elbow Grease

Calin Head
Feb 1, 2009
Photographers: Calin Head
Photo 2/31   |   1989 Chevy S10 Interior custom Interior
I'm getting close to finishing my S-10; I can actually see the light at the end of the project-truck tunnel. The truck will still need some work in areas like the engine compartment, but that doesn't really show. The last area to restore that actually shows is the interior and I wanted to keep it simple. Besides having a love for trucks, I'm also a muscle-car fan and I wanted to bring my two passions together. I figured the interior would be the best place to do that because it would be easy to do. I wouldn't need a bunch of one-off parts, just a few well-placed parts to tie the two elements together.
Photo 3/31   |   1989 Chevy S10 Interior interior
The seats are one of those muscle-car elements and are covered in a different story, so be sure to check that out. Another one will be classic loop-style carpet, which Auto Custom Carpets (ACC) will whip up for no extra cost. ACC makes molded carpet kits for just about everything, and all I had to do when ordering was choose the 80/20 loop for more muscle-car vibe. The steering wheel that I got from Grant was covered in the Nov. '08 issue of Sport Truck, and a center console from an Impala with a Hurst shifter will be coming soon to round out the classic elements.
The rest of the interior will be either refurbished stock parts or replacement pieces I got from LMC Truck. Because my truck came with a blue interior and I wanted that classic muscle-car black, I did a lot of dying to get the look. Everything covered in this story is geared to the home do-it-yourself guy. You won't need any exotic tools, just some time and a decent amount of room to scatter a bunch of parts around.
The truck's interior before I restored it was blue, boring, and worn out. The bench seat was in good shape, but that was about it. Since I plan on converting to buckets and a console, the seat is no more than a big blue paperweight. When I decided to paint the truck yellow that was a definite nail in the blue interior coffin. For me, yellow and blue do not pair well together in this case, but yellow and black will.
Photo 31/31   |   1989 Chevy S10 Interior list
The Final Word
After I got all of the dyed pieces installed, I threw in my custom bucket seats from the "Muscle Buckets" story and a console I got from a '62 SS Impala. There are a few things in the interior I still need to show you like the console/shifter install, but that will be next month. These were the basic steps you can take at home to refurbish and color-change your interior. The new parts from LMC and ACC made the job possible without the need for special tools.


LMC Truck
Lenexa, KS 66219
Auto Custom Carpets
Anniston, AL



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