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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - April 2009

Mike Alexander
Apr 1, 2009
Photo 2/4   |   mini Market April 2009 lokar Throttle
Lokar Throttle Assemblies
Lokar is excited to launch their new Competitor Series Throttle Assemblies.Designed with a unique internal spanner nut ensuring perfect pedal tension, this pedal is in a class of its own. By adding this built-in tensioning feature, they eliminated the possibility of excess "slop" in the throttle pedal. Another great feature of the Competitor Series Throttle Pedal is its incredibly sturdy mounting base. The design of this pedal has enabled Lokar to provide over an inch and a quarter wide mounting base, yet maintain a narrow and sleek appearance. If that weren't enough, the mounting base is available in either a centered or an offset version which will raise or lower the center of the throttle assembly an entire inch. This feature is incredibly accommodating when installing the pedal in a vehicle which already has the throttle cable installed. All of these features coupled with a spring-loaded throttle pad, Delrin bushings, and superior design, have made the Competitor Series Throttle Pedal a must have for any project. For more information, call Lokar Performance Products at (877) 469-7440, or visit
Photo 3/4   |   mini Market April 2009 tag Heuer Eyewear
Roll In Style
If Santa didn't bring you exactly what you were looking for, time to take matters into your own hands!TAG Heuer Eyewear introduces Speedway sunwear, sporty sunglasses created in consultation with 2007 Formula 1 champion Kimi Rikknen. Speedway sunglasses feature a lightweight titanium alloy frame, shock-resistant polycarbonate lenses and super-adherent elastomere tips in red or black for a sure grip and long-wearing comfort. The lenses offer ophthalmic-quality and 100 percent UV-A and UV-B protection, and they are offered in dark grey for extra comfort, or polarized brown for glare and dazzle reduction. An antireflective coating eradicates distracting lens flares; an oleophobic coating enhances resistance to grease, dust and fingerprints; and an ultra-hard anti-scratch coating ensures maximum toughness. The special edition TAG Heuer Speedway sunglasses are on sale for a limited time. To find an authorized retailer near you, visit
Photo 4/4   |   mini Market April 2009 kicker Audio Digital Stereo System
Rock Out Kicker Style
Kicker Audio invades the home with the slamming Kicker Digital Stereo System for BOTH THE IPOD and Zune Media Players. This isn't a docking station... it's a rocking station!Place the device into the cradle and crank the volume knob to get a crash course in what Kicker sound is all about. The rotary knob also serves as the selection push button and controller for bass, treble, auxiliary-in options, or standby mode, which continues to charge the player even though the system is powered down. It's also backlit in blue to continue the entertainment with ease in the dark, while the display LCD screen steers through the menu. A minijack input allows the hookup for stereo sound from alternate media, including other MP3 and compact-disc players, desktop and laptop computers, or satellite radio. Composite video output lets the user view favorite movies or music videos on a larger screen. RCA stereo outputs allow for even more audio hookup. A two-foot auxiliary cable, integrated carrying handle, AC power cord and 22-volt power supply, and adapters for fitting all current models add up to complete a convenient entertainment experience. For more information check out their website at or


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