Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - May 2009

Mike Alexander
May 1, 2009
Photo 2/4   |   mini Market May 2009 omf Race Stool
Stylish Seating
The creative minds at OMF Performance are at it again.

They've developed a Race Stool which can be customized to fit in any home, garage, or race shop. OMF will customize the seat pad of your race stool with custom-colored fabrics, piping, and even embroidery. To compliment the color of your house, custom powdercoated or polished legs and footrests are also available. The OMF Race Stools feature a three-legged design for a sure-footed feeling on any surface, and have two rubber feet on each leg for scratch-free use on most flooring. The Race Stool features a modular design which easily disassembles with handtools for shipping or transport. Custom colors, polishing, and embroidery are extra. For more information check out
Photo 3/4   |   mini Market May 2009 superchips Cortex Programmer
Nissan Boost
Superchips announces the first programmer for a 2005-2007 4.0L nissan.

Cortex performance programmer is the must have accessory for any Nissan or Infiniti truck or SUV desiring superior drivability, power, and performance. Users gain up to 16rwhp and up to 18lb-ft torque. Other key features in the Nissan Cortex include the best drivability, enhanced throttle response, wide open throttle restriction removal, speed limiter adjustment, RPM limiter adjustment, diagnostic trouble code read and clear capability, and an industry-exclusive 2-year powertrain warranty. DAQ 1 and DAQ 2 data acquisition software will be available as a no cost online update in the coming months. The Cortex programmer is essentially never out of date with regular, free updating of the unit exclusively at Superchips consistently re-engineers their calibrations to stay in-line with the new calibration files OEM manufacturers release and makes them available at no cost to their customers. Whether you need power, performance, drivability, or improved mileage, Cortex, Flashpaq, and the all-new Mileage XS from Superchips can provide it. For more information, visit them online at
Photo 4/4   |   mini Market May 2009 kicker Subwoofer Amplifier
Go to War Well-Equipped
Kicker engineers have spent years in the electronics lab working to create the ultimate competition piece.

Introducing the WX10000.1, KICKER's ultimate power play in car audio. Code name Warhorse, the WX10000.1 Signal-Modulated Subwoofer Amplifier is a massive marvel - more than 10,000 true watts surging to dual-voice-coil subwoofers with the highest power-handling capabilities. It's big, stepping in at just short of a yard long, a foot-and-a-half wide, and weighing nearly 67 pounds. It's bad, producing more than 10,000 watts while requiring the services of eight 12-volt batteries and two 200-ampere alternators. And it's more than any one person can handle (actually, Kicker literally recommends that two installers grab drills and mount this monster). Without doubt, the Warhorse has the size and power, but it also houses a secret under its enormous shroud. The WX10000.1 revolutionizes traditional amplification with its signal-modulated, ultra-high-efficiency design. It amplifies audio signal directly to DVC subwoofers from the patent-pending, signal-modulated power supply, rather than relying on help from amplification circuits found in traditional Class D or Class A/B designs. For more information on this beast visit



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