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Extreme Audio and Kustoms - Extreme Shop Tour

We go behind the scenes of the SoCal shop that is building some of the craziest West Coast cover trucks.

Mike Alexander
Sep 1, 2009
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/17   |   extreme Audio And Kustoms Shop Tour joel Grommit Sadenwasser
Joel "Grommit" Sadenwasser is no stranger to hard work. He started his first business when he was a wee tyke at sixteen years old and began detailing rides for some extra coin.
Hanging around some of the San Diego minitruck OGs he began to take bodywork classes and soon found himself in the shop knocking down some bondo. Eventually Joel realized he wanted more and moved up to the big leagues. His name might sound familiar because after spending a few years perfecting his Tacoma he not only scored a cover spot, but he also took home the coveted Truck of the Year award. However, like many, he ran into some bad luck dealing with weasel painters, stolen insurance money, and the like, so Joel finally decided to take matters into his own hands and start his very own shop. No more listening to excuses, broken promises, and snakes. He vowed to deliver on his word and not let other people get taken advantage of and would deliver quality work, on time, for an affordable price.
Joel worked hard to round up a reliable crew and opened up doors as Extreme Audio & Kustoms. Every good shop begins with the right people, and Joel had a buddy that's been with him since the beginning. Adam "Handmade" Radovich is truly a marvel when it comes to custom interior design. His vision and creativity mixed with his know-how of making things happen make him the perfect righthand man. Adam has been in the minitruckin' scene for over 15 years and brings with him knowledge, experience, and most importantly, reliability. With the rest of the team assembled, including paint/body and metal fab, Extreme Audio & Kustoms is truly a one-stop shop, so there's no more bouncing from shop to shop and missing deadlines. With builds that fit any budget from mild to wild, Joel is dedicated to giving the same care and creativity to his customers' rides as he would his own. You couldn't find a better group of guys, and as you can tell by this month's cover truck that was built by Extreme Audio & Kustoms, their work speaks for itself. For more information, check out the Lowdown and visit their website at
Photo 3/17   |   Every shop worth their weight has a "Wall of Fame" where you can see the vehicles they've built and national magazine recognition.
Shop Lowdown
Shop Name:
Extreme Audio and Kustoms
Owner: Joel "Grommit" Sadenwasser
Number of Employees: 6
Employee Names and Position:
* Joel "Grommit" Sadenwasser - owner and general manager
* Adam "Handmade" Radovich - custom interior fabricator, wood work, fiberglass, stereo, and wiring king
* Matt "Premadonna" Hutchinson - custom paint and airbrushing
* Marc "Peanut" Darrah - custom metal fabricator and bodywork
* Alan "Alien" Farias - custom paint, airbrushing, and bodywork
* Noel "Choforo" Flores - paint and bodywork
* Josh Hathaway - sales representative
Website: or
Phone Number: (951) 656-9700
Address: 6236 Rivercrest Dr. Unit G, Riverside, CA 92507
Future Plans: Keep building custom rides 'till the day we die!
Special Thanks From Owner: Color Horizions paint, Memphis Car Audio, Temecula Valley Paint, Abstract Kustoms, Mike at The Painter's Shak, Grommit Industries, my daughter Ella Lynn Sadenwasser for giving me the motivation to bust my ass day in and day out Mike Alexander at Mini Truckin' for the support through the years, Joe's Tires, and of course Tupac and Biggie!


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