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2000 Chevy S10 Electric Life Buildup - Electric Interior

Electric Life's Power Window And Door Lock Kit

John Mata Jr.
Aug 1, 2009
Photographers: John Mata Jr.
Photo 2/25   |   2000 Chevy S10 Electric Life Buildup drive Thru
During the warmer months, air conditioning is a definite must, but for those cool summer nights, it's great to cruise around with the windows down and the stereo turned way up. Very few late-model trucks are purchased without power windows and door locks, but in the case of our '00 Chevy S-10, leaning over to the passenger side to crank the window down or to flip open the manual door lock for a passenger has developed into a very annoying routine. Although the side lunge motion has turned into a quick, convenient way to get a little exercise while waiting at a stoplight, we'd rather save the effort for the gym.
We conducted a bit of research on just how we could update the functionality of our Dime, and we liked what we saw in Electric Life's products. They had a quality power window and door lock kit with keyless entry capabilities that looked relatively easy to install. With calculator in hand, we tallied the total price for all the parts we needed to successfully pull off the full power conversion. For just over $300 and a few hours of work, we'll be ready to cruise the summer in comfort and style without worrying about pulling any muscles. Look out drive-thrus-here we come!
Watch and take notes as Steve Austin and the Orange County Rod and Custom crew from Anaheim, California, add a little electricity to our S-10's bare-bones interior.
From The Driver Seat
Having power door locks and windows installed may not sound like much of a treat for those who already own a truck with these amenities preinstalled, but they are sure welcomed luxury additions to our S-10. Since installation, the door actuators and window motors have been operating smoothly, which isn't much of a surprise since the Electric Life parts are of the highest quality and are available for virtually any vehicle on the road. There is no fumbling with the ignition key now while manually unlocking the truck, which will decrease the amount of scratches that quickly build up on the exterior door handle assembly. It's the little things that are often taken for granted, and having the simple pleasure of commanding both door locks with the supplied key fob and controlling both windows with the cool, custom-located billet switches makes for more enjoyable cruising. Since an ice-cold soda goes perfect with an afternoon cruise, stopping at the drive-thru will be even more appealing and convenient. What makes our upgraded, power conversion kit even sweeter is just how inexpensive Electric Life has priced its items.
Your Questions Answered
Time Spent Working: 6 Hours
(Test fitting the door actuators and wiring took the most time)
Degree Of Difficulty: Intermediate
(Wiring experience definitely helps)
Tools Needed:
Cordless drill, door panel popping tools, Flathead and Phillips screwdriver, soldering gun, and wire stripper
Parts Used:
Electric Life Colibri universal power window kit with switches (#4101-09-S98): $150.15
Electric Life two-door power door lock with four-channel keyless entry kit (#95110): $163.90
Electric Life billet three switch illuminated kit (optional) (#99021): $155.10
TOTAL: $314.05 (without billet switches)
TOTAL: $469.15 (with billet switches)
(Prices taken from and do not include tax, shipping, or installation costs)


Orange County Rod and Custom
Anaheim , CA
Electric Life Power Window Systems And Accessories
Chicago, IL 60631


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