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Bob Ryder
Aug 1, 2009
Photographers: Bob Ryder
Photo 2/20   |   vizualogic Headrest Monitors Installation side Angle
Vizualogic is one of the innovative leaders in the mobile video entertainment industry. Vizualogic manufactures overhead, sunvisor, and headrest DVD monitors that deliver high-quality DVD entertainment anywhere in the vehicle. We were invited to take a behind-the-scene excursion to observe what it takes to produce Vizualogic's newest creation- the A-1290 9-inch headrest monitor.
The Vizualogic A-1290 monitor was developed to enable playback of all forms of digital viewing entertainment. The A-1290 allows an iPod, MP3 player, game system or other device to be connected to the front-mounted auxiliary jack. To load your favorite DVD, just press the top of the monitor frame to actuate the monitor outward, slide in the DVD, press close and you're ready to go. The Blue LED backlit monitor control buttons are located on the front of the monitor for fine-tuning the audio and viewing preferences. A wireless remote control enables the viewer to make viewing adjustments while staying seated. The built-in wireless FM modulator provides audio playback through the vehicle's stereo speakers. The system also has a wireless two-channel IR transmitter for the pair of wireless headphones. The 9-inch wide TFT-LCD monitor screen produces a very bright crystal-clear image for your viewing pleasure. Headrest monitors are as mainstream as big wheels these days and Vizualogic has stepped up its own industry-leading standards to create bigger and better systems. Take a peek now at what goes on to create a key player in truck and SUV entertainment.
From The Driver Seat
Before DVD monitors, seating in the backseat was boring, about the only entertainment was to watch the scenery go by. Vizualogic has refined and perfected the headrest monitor viewing with clarity of bright vivid colors, and incredible interfacing with the vehicles audio sound system. By putting the remote wireless headphones on you are instantly consumed in a surround sound atmosphere of your own. The audio/visual entertainment can be adjusted by the handheld remote without leaving your seat. Vizualogic has improved the way we see things from the backseat.
Your Questions Answered
Time Spent Working: 3 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Intermediate
Tools Needed:
Power test light, wire strippers, Phillips screwdriver, and wire crimping pliers.
Parts Used:
A-1290 Headrest Monitor Kit: $1,350.00
TOTAL: $1,350.00
(Price does not include tax, shipping, or installation)


TMI Products Inc. Vizualogic
Corona, CA 92879
Advantage Audio & Autosports
Brea, CA 92821



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