1967 Chevy C10 Buildup - Project: The Show

Part 7: ISIS Three Cell Wiring Harness

Dan Ward
Jul 1, 2010
Photographers: Christine Iha, Courtesy of ISIS
As seen on this month's cover, project: The Show is a bare metal masterpiece of custom truck form meeting daily driver function. Using the best in aftermarket engine, brake, and suspension components, the crew at Chassis by Aaron Iha didn't cut any corners when building this '67 Chevy C10. Getting close to completing year-long build, the time came to purchase a wiring harness and with plans to drive the Chevy on a regular basis, a tried and true system needed to be installed. Keeping with the high-tech theme of project: The Show, an ISIS three-cell wiring harness was ordered.
Photo 2/10   |   1967 Chevy C10 Buildup rendering
ISIS (Intelligent Silicon Integrated System) is unlike any other wiring harness on the market as it uses a CAN (Controller Area Network) bus cable to connect the Mastercell to each subservient Powercell. This keeps with wiring basic, as you literally just need to run power from the cell to the electrical component. The ISIS features lighter overall weight than other wiring harness, smart technology that can troubleshoot itself, and the ability to coordinate and control up to 50 inputs and 50 outputs with variable voltage (0-5 volts) needs (for the Mastercell) and 10 fused outputs (per Powercell). Trick setups allow for electric fans or headlights to stay on after the ignition is turned off, daytime running lights with lower voltage draw, and the ISIS even has an optional inLINK key fob that provides maximum security. The inLINK allows the owner to lock out the fuel pump, ignition and starter, so even if a thief broke in and tried to hot-wire your ride, the fuel pump wouldn't fire and your truck would still be waiting on you to return with the inLINK. Now that's cool.
We caught up with Aaron Iha and asked him about his ISIS wiring harness experience and why he chose the high-tech system. This is what he said.
1-2. ISIS uses a Mastercell to control up to 50 inputs and 50 outputs and then, using a CAN bus system plugs into a Powercell.
3-4. Aaron, as we take a look at the ISIS Mastercell, why go with the ISIS wiring system rather than a traditional relay-equipped wiring harness?
5-6. I see for both the Mastercell and Powercells, you built a custom enclosure/mounting bracket for them under the dash. Why go that route?
7-8. Wow, that looks like a ton of wiring to man. Did you use any of the ISIS’ custom features (ie. daytime running lights, electric fans, inLINK, etc)?


ISIS Power
Elk Grove Village, IL



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