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2011 Audio Guide - Audio Arsenal

MT Staff
Jul 1, 2011
If you’re a music fiend like all of us on staff, stick around and pay close attention. We’ve scoured the market for the best new products in mobile audio land. From subs to head units, component speakers to amps, and everything in between—we’ve selected only the best of the best for our 2011 audio guide. Note: Mini Truckin’ magazine cannot be held responsible for any sound pollution tickets you may receive from local law enforcement. Happy bumpin’!
Bass in a Box
The PowerBass PS-WB112T is designed for both mini and fullsize applications and is designed to handle 300 watts RMS (600 peak) at 4 ohms. The 12-inch sub is less than 5 1/2 inches deep, and the enclosure measures 30.3”W x 14”H x 5.4”D, which combine to deliver maximum bass response from minimum space.
Photo 2/17   |   2011 Audio Guide powerbass Sub
Power Source
Quality audio systems require quality power, and Kinetik’s HC-series power cells are commonly preferred by those building the loudest of the loud sound setups around. Whether you’re into SPL competitions or just can’t get enough eardrum bursting audio signals, Kinetik batteries are surely worth their weight in gold.
Photo 3/17   |   2011 Audio Guide kinetik Power Cell
Total Package
With a 6.1-inch detachable, touch-panel monitor with front-mounted USB port, JVC’s KW-NT50HDT navigation unit is a luxury item perfect for any mini that is actually driven. Aside from easy connectivity with iPhone and iPod, this double-DIN piece of machinery comes with a free lifetime subscription to Clear Channel’s Total Traffic and HD Radio tuning, which deliver on-screen news, sports, and weather info.
Photo 4/17   |   2011 Audio Guide navigation Unit
Hardcore Hardware
You’ve dropped a bundle on your audio components—don’t skimp on the accessories. Kicker’s terminals feature all brass connections, are nickel-plated, and are designed to extract maximum sound quality.
Photo 5/17   |   2011 Audio Guide kicker Terminals
Ten years ago, JL Audio broke the mold with the introduction of the W7—a meticulously designed subwoofer that was created to deliver optimum bass response. To celebrate their milestone, JL has released a new variation of the W7, which differs only in the cosmetic sense. The original engineering will remain intact, and a limited number of the new-style W7 subs will be offered with hand numbering and signing markings by the man behind the sound—JL’s founder and CEO, Lucio Proni.
Photo 6/17   |   2011 Audio Guide w7 Subs
Orion’s XTR10001 Class D mono amplifier sends a mind-numbing 1,000 watts RMS of pure bass power into 1 channel at 1 ohm. The XTR amp line are housed in a sleek heatsink and loaded with tons of features and pack a massive punch for their size.
Photo 7/17   |   2011 Audio Guide orion Amplifier
Multi-Channel Power
Kenwood’s eXcelon Gouriki four-channel X600F amp delivers balanced musical reproduction due to the exclusive K-STAT output transistors. The Japanese kanji characters on the outer casing symbolize “powerfulness,” which is a perfect representation of what this amp brings to the table.
Photo 8/17   |   2011 Audio Guide kenwood Amp
Another First
Alpine’s iDA-X305S digital media receiver is the first head unit on the market to integrate in-dash Pandora Internet radio controls. The deck’s double-action rotary encoder knob allows the user to access Pandora’s customizable stations as well as the thumbs up/down rating system with ease through an iPhone connection. The unit’s 2.2-inch color TFT screen displays artist, album, song title tags, as well as album artwork.
Photo 9/17   |   2011 Audio Guide alpine Media Receiver
Pure Clarity
Searching for the next best thing to live sound? Kicker’s QS-Series component speakers offer just that: highly advanced midrange speakers and crystal-clear 30-millimeter DuPont Tetoron dome-equipped tweeters. Expect luxurious high notes and excellent range from the available 6 1/2- or 6-inch midrange woofers. Experience the clearest audio signal your ears have experienced outside of a concert.
Photo 10/17   |   2011 Audio Guide kicker Component Speakers
Immortal Sound
Audiobahn made its return to the marketplace in late 2010, and it’s hitting the scene with a vengeance. The Immortal Series is brand new for 2011 and was designed for the competition circuit. Right out of the box, the three-dimensional, die-cast, flamed aluminum basket clearly states that these subs are all business. Available in 12- and 15-inch sizes, Audiobahn’s Immortal subs will simply quake the world around you.
Kick Out the Jams
IX-Series amplifiers are Kicker’s best-designed, best-sounding units ever to leave the production line. These Class-D amps are available in five models—two monoblock options, a full-range, a four-channel, and a hybrid unit with sub and full-range channels. IX amps also feature the smallest chassis ever developed by Kicker engineers, as well as an innovative stackable design.
Photo 13/17   |   2011 Audio Guide amplifier
Digital Deck
Let’s face it, nobody wants to lug around CDs. And there’s no need to anymore thanks to digital head units like Sony’s DSX-S200X deck. It boasts the company’s new Tune Tray design that stealthily connects and stashes your iPod via a USB port behind the flip-down faceplate. There is also another USB port in the front for connecting a flash drive or another MP3 player.
Photo 14/17   |   2011 Audio Guide digital Head Unit
Hi-Fi Headliner
The Highliner is LMC Truck’s latest innovation for ’82-’93 standard-cab Chevy/GMC S-Series pickups. Manufactured from high-impact, leather-grained ABS plastic, the Highliner comes with four integrated speakers that have been strategically positioned for optimum audio clarity and true stereo separation. The unit also comes with foam speaker baffle and suppression pads, antenna extension cable, bezel plate, and all hardware needed for installation.
Photo 15/17   |   2011 Audio Guide highliner
Slim Pickings
Pioneer’s TS-SW300 12-inch shallow-mount sub delivers just as much boom as a traditional sub in its class—and it’s half the size. With a 3-1/4-inch mounting depth and 1,500 watts max power, Pioneer’s shallow series is the perfect selection if cargo space is an issue.
Photo 16/17   |   2011 Audio Guide pioneer Sub
Armed With Audio
Arsenal’s CS-ARS650 6-1/2-inch components are a surefire bet to achieving full-range, dynamic sound. With 240 watts max power, 80 watts RMS, a glass-fiber laminated Hempcone, and a 1-inch titanium hard dome tweeter, these speakers will surely rock your socks off.
Photo 17/17   |   2011 Audio Guide arsenal Components


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