Whether you're building an insane custom show truck or just a personalized daily driver, a killer sound system is always a must. However, not everyone wants to swap their truck's rear seats for a massive wall of subwoofers, since having plenty of functional space is also important. So, you may ask, how is it possible to obtain plenty of clear, chest-pounding bass without filling up the cab with woofers? There may not be an off-the-shelf way to make it happen, but it is possible with a custom-built sub box. In the case of Jason Naron, the owner of the 2011 F-250 seen in this issue's “White Noise” feature story, a custom center console with an integrated subwoofer was the ideal solution. Not only would it provide a ported housing for his new 12-inch sub, but it would also make room for an iPad and give the interior a clean new look. Cruisers Mobile Audio of Tyler, Texas, took on the task and created a smooth enclosure that reaches from the dash to the rear bench seat. A Definitive Audio Designs BD-series subwoofer from Tyler, Texas–based JMH Audio Concepts supplies bass frequencies. Finishing touches were upholstered to match the interior by Tony's Upholstery & Trim, also in Tyler. Follow along to see how this F-250's interior was transformed by these upgrades.