It's amazing how dependent we've become on modern technology. In a world full of electronics, we've designed a plethora of machines to eliminate tedious everyday tasks and make our lives easier. Our homes are full of these conveniences, so why settle for less in our trucks? When it came to Project Blue Bomber, our base-model 2011 Silverado, we decided that continuing to manually crank the windows and lock the doors was unacceptable. So, we gave the electronics gurus at Electric Life a call, and they promptly sent over a power door lock kit, power window kit, and motion-sensitive alarm for the Chevy. We handed these new parts over to the expert crew at Audio Innovations, in Glendora, California, where the truck was already receiving a full array of interior upgrades. Follow along to see how simple it was to take our project truck from Stone Age to modern times with these upgrades.