Last month, we showed you how easy it was to upgrade your airbag-equipped steering wheel and boring gauges by updating project Blue Bomber's all-stock interior. The 2011 Silverado was looking more stylish, but the work truck black plastic dash was still a buzzkill. Keeping with the best bang for the buck philosophy, we reached out to Sherwood Innovations and ordered a new dash overlay kit for the Chevy. Part of the theme for Blue Bomber was simplistic styling and Sherwood had just what we needed. Rather than go wild with a blue dash kit or even try to match the higher-optioned Silverado LTZ's fake woodgrain look, we ordered a brushed aluminum dash kit. The brushed aluminum perfectly matched the brushed wheel face on the 20-inch Racelines and the silver color complemented the silver accents on the Grant steering wheel. Best of all, it came with detailed instructions, plastic adhesive prep, and even included several extra pieces for different trim levels. It took us 30 minutes to cover up the ugly black dash and our interior was looking better than ever.