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Alpine X110-SLV Installation

Beyond Audio and Video

Mar 9, 2016
Photographers: Jeremy Cook
The level of sophistication and usability in new trucks has been set at a whole new level. The major manufacturers are responding to the changing needs of its buyers and have answered in spades. The world of audio and visual has changed by leaps and bounds to keep up with customer demand; so much so, that labeling something a stereo or sound system almost no longer applies. The new name for where the driver’s thumb and forefinger now rest is the Infotainment Center—the possibilities are seemingly endless.
Much as the AM/FM stereo and its antiquated knobs gave way to the 8-Track, the Cassette Tape ushered in the CD head unit, which was quickly replaced by the touchscreen. The current system can do so much more that its name had to change. DVDs can play on its screen, music and phone calls are handled through Bluetooth, and GPS systems giving guided directions are now the new expected level of integration in almost all new vehicles.
Many aftermarket audio-visual manufacturers have answered these demands, and Alpine Mobile Electronics is at the forefront. As a leader in the industry, Alpine has developed a system that can do all the previous and more. Enter the X110-SLV system. With its 10-inch display screen, the driver has access to a whole host of options that make for a truly integrated driving experience. Many popular upgrades can now be controlled through the touchscreen, including a motorized tonneau cover, winch controls, exterior lighting in the form of lightbars and pods, and aftermarket cameras mounted in multiple locations. Now, a driver can have all the accessories imaginable without all of the clutter of external buttons or switches.
Read along as we take a ’16 Chevy Silverado 1500 to the Alpine headquarters in Torrance, California, to their in-house installation center and have their tech install an X110-SLV system.
Photo 2/26   |   002 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
The Alpine X110-SLV came packed in a neat tidy box that did not let on to how awesome this system actually is. Sure, the product description on the side listed all kinds of features, but believe us, this thing can do it all.
Photo 3/26   |   003 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
Photo 4/26   |   004 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
Photo 5/26   |   005 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We laid out the contents of that box to see what we have ahead of us. Check out the new dash bezel and mounting kit, the larger display monitor, DVD player, the source unit, the many cables and wires, and the Maestro Module (small black box).
Photo 6/26   |   006 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
Before doing any work, we disconnected the battery, as we do with all electrical installations. Then, we programmed our Maestro Module by plugging it into our laptop and logging onto WEBLINK to check and see if it had already been flashed. Ours was, but if yours is not when you purchase it, the instructions will walk you through the flashing process.
Photo 7/26   |   007 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We addressed the Maestro Module’s connections first and plugged in the audio cable, power cable, the data cable, vehicle signal cable, and the 10-pin black connector, as well as an 18-pin black connector.
Photo 8/26   |   008 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
The DVD was next on our list. We installed the duo of mounting brackets on either side using the short, but stout, Phillips head screws.
Photo 9/26   |   009 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We also had to install the long bracket and the rectangular bracket onto the display screen, again using the Phillips screws.
Photo 10/26   |   010 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We connected all the necessary cables to the source unit, including the remote harness, the power harness, camera output, and the display out cable.
Photo 11/26   |   011 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We quickly tore off the factory dash bezel as it was only held in by a few clips and made sure to go all the way around the radio and heat and A/C controls. We unscrewed the four 7mm screws holding the entire unit to the console.
Photo 12/26   |   012 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We now had access to the two 7mm screws that held in the factory CD player and slid it out to expose the wiring in the back. We unclipped the wiring and set it to the side, as well.
Photo 13/26   |   013 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
Pushing the locking tab up on the radio tuner freed it so we could reach all of the electrical connectors and disconnect them. Then, we slid the tuner out.
Photo 14/26   |   014 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We unscrewed the Torx screws that held in the knee cover on the driver’s side and removed it.
Photo 15/26   |   015 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
Turning to the steering wheel and column, we unsnapped the lower cover from the column. We then plugged in the steering wheel T-harness and routed the cable to the radio location. Its location is being pointed out here.
Photo 16/26   |   016 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
Setting to work on the upper and lower glove compartment, we quickly removed the six Torx screws and removed both portions.
Photo 17/26   |   017 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We were now ready to slide the new source unit into the factory location of the tuner and connect it to the main harness.
Photo 18/26   |   018 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We attached the updated Maestro Module to the main harness and plugged it into the factory location.
Photo 19/26   |   019 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We now were able to install the new DVD player that came with the kit. It went into the factory location using the two screws that we had removed earlier.
Photo 20/26   |   020 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
With the DVD player, the Maestro Module, and source unit firmly in place, we connected the climate controls to the display-screen bracket and plugged in the electrical connectors of the main harness and antenna.
Photo 21/26   |   021 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
We connected the new restyled bezel into the factory location using the four 7mm screws we had removed earlier and attached the new side vent covers that came with the kit.
Photo 22/26   |   022 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
With our new infotainment center ready, we turned our attention to the upper dash. Alpine has developed a set of component speakers that fit in either corner under the A-pillars. To install them, we had to remove the grab handle on the passenger side and pillar cover on the driver’s side.
Photo 23/26   |   023 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
Alpine had been developing these components at the time we installed them, and now they will be available as part of future kits. Here, you can see the dash upper trim being removed to access the factory components and swap them with the Alpine versions.
Photo 24/26   |   024 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
Take a closer look at the trick component housing, which’ll sit flush against both the windshield and the A-pillar and will look damn good doing so.
Photo 25/26   |   025 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
This is a fully integrated infotainment system that truly connects with all functions of this interconnected Silverado. Onscreen are controls for a sliding bed cover, a winch, airbags, all kinds of lights mounted all over the truck, axle lock controls, and an option to operate the air compressor, all from the driver’s seat. How’s that for all-inclusive!
Photo 26/26   |   026 2016 Silverado Alpine X110 SLV Install
The X110-SLV has a lot going for it as it responds to the ever-changing demands of drivers and the many accessories they want to include on their trucks. Some are for work purposes, some are for leisure, and some still are for aesthetics, but all can be controlled from the touchscreen.


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