Stock sound systems these days are getting better and better.

But no matter how good they are, the aftermarket realm has something better. Stock speakers are usually constructed of paper cones and foam surrounds, which are susceptible to degradation from sunlight and smog. Pioneer has addressed this problem by using a Butyl Rubber Surround and an injection molded Polypropylene Rigilite Composite Cone. On top of that, if you want your system louder you can’t just throw in an amp and hope the stock speakers don’t explode. So, by installing a better speaker first, it allows you to expand later. All of the units featured in this story will expand your sound quality, because there’s more speaker. Instead of just one way (woofer only) these are two- and three-ways (tweet, mid, and woofer), designed to provide rich, ultra-yummy sound for your listening needs.