Flame and tribal-tinted windows are the rage these days. Everywhere you look, you'll find the artfully cut renditions of our favorite paint schemes laid out in the micro-thin film that covers our rides' windows. It's almost funny to think that what we consider the hot trend today has been going on for years. Several years ago, a man began offering his customers the ultimate in window treatments. After performing everyday show-quality standard tint jobs for his customers for years, he decided to do something different for once. So he got out a piece of chalk and sketched some flames onto a sheet of tint. He liked the results; the rest is history. If you've ever wondered how they get those awesome patterns cut out of tint, then wonder no more. Follow along with the masters at Mike's Tint Shop and you'll be schooled in the fine art of window tint customization. If you have any more questions, give Mike a call or visit his Web site using the information in the source box.