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Letters to the Editor - Paper Cuts - December 2002

Cheap custom parts, arrests, wheeltubs, and modified plates

Dec 1, 2002
Budget-Minded Mini-Truckers
Dear Mike,
I have two questions. First, why are most GM parts cheaper than those for my Dodge Dakota? Second, where can I score some cheap parts? I earn a good living, but with all of my bills, I can't even afford a set of drop spindles for my truck. I'm getting tired of my friends raggin' on me for having an almost completely stock truck, so I need to fix this problem. I'm even considering cutting back on my trips to the bar. Please help me.
Elmira, New York
Now that is a problem. The parts for your Dodge are more expensive than parts, for say, S-10s because the demand for GM parts is much higher. They can be sold cheaper because they are being produced in a larger quantity and are being sold at a greater rate. There are much more custom S-10s rolling around on drop spindles than there are Dodge Dakotas. See what I mean? It's the law of supply and demand. If you are looking for cheap custom parts, look on the Internet. Try; it's chock-full of good, cheap parts, so I'd start there.
Photo 2/4   |   papercuts damn The Cops
Damn The Cops
Dear Mike,
I just got back from the Mini Nats in Pigeon Forge and I'm never going there again. I was in town for all of five minutes when I was pulled over for hitting my switches. I was arrested, had my truck impounded, and was given multiple citations. Several hours later, I was released from a makeshift jail in a parking lot and had to pay a hefty fine. You can bet your titanium dragging blocks that you'll never see me in that town again.
Arrested in Tennessee
via e-mail
Arrested in Tennessee,
Yours is not the first complaint we've heard about the police in Pigeon Forge. For the last few years, the police have been cracking down on the activities that mini-truckers like to participate in; there doesn't seem to be an end to it either. What you have to remember is that Pigeon Forge is a tourist town designed for families, not mini-truckers. The cops there aren't going to put up with burnouts, sparks shows, or show me your boobs signs no matter how much fun we think these things are. The bottom line is that we break the law whenever we participate in these activities and do not have much recourse when we get caught. Maybe it's time to find another town to play in, huh?
Photo 3/4   |   papercuts tubbed Out In Texas
Tubbed Out In Texas
Dear Mike,
You guys put out a kick-ass magazine. I look forward to finding it in my mailbox every month. As for my question: I want to run some giant rims on my Mitsubishi Mighty Max and I need some wheeltubs for the bed. Where can I get them? I want some nice round ones that will complement the smooth bed floor I already fabbed. Thanks!
Sergio M
Austin, Texas
Well, you can either purchase a set of wheeltubs from a speed shop or supplier such as Jegs or Summit Racing, or you can build them yourself. We've seen mini-trucks with trailer fenders used as mini-tubs, and that works well, too. In fact, if you look back to the Aug.'02 issue of MT, you'll find an article called Tubs for Dubs that shows this very mod.
Photo 4/4   |   papercuts modified Plates
Modified Plates
Dear Mike,
I was thinking of doing something custom to my license plates, such as painting them black and yellow like the old-school California license plates. Or maybe sanding off all of the paint and polishing the aluminum? Is this illegal? Get back to me before I do something that will get me into trouble.
via e-mail
You think 'bagging and body dropping your mini isn't illegal? Let me save you from a lot of frustration: You cannot modify your license plates in any way. An observant officer of the law will hassle you. While it may look cool, you have to ask yourself if it's worth the trouble it might cause you down the road. On another note, you can call Billet Accesories Direct, aka B.A.D., at (918) 592-1350 or, and ask the company about its new polish billet aluminum license plates (for show only, of course). Look to Mini Truckin' next month, for a cool tech piece on these personalized showpieces.


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