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Letters To The Editor - Paper Cuts - October 2003

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Oct 1, 2003
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Why Not?
Dear MT,
My name is Chip, and I'm a mini-trucker. I put a lot of time, money, and work into my ride. When I look at the trucks you feature, they all have crazy 'bag setups, body drops, and off-the-wall paint. This makes me feel as though I have no chance of one day being in MT; I don't mean being on the cover, but this doesn't mean my truck isn't mag-worthy. Unlike most of the trucks I read about, my club, Lasting Impressions of Springfield, Missouri, and I did all the work. Here is a brief description: I have a '96 Chevy S-10 SS. It sits on 17-inch Eagle Alloys with Nitto NT555 225/40ZR17s. I have purple tweed throughout with a lot of parts painted to match the exterior - it's not rattle can paint! I have white-face gauges, a PlayStation 2, and a TV. I painted the truck PPG Prowler Silver, added Ford Ultra Violet flames to the body, and painted the frame the same. I also have a steel cowl-induction hood, a billet grille and antenna, Euro clear taillights and front markers, Testarossa-style mirrors, and a roll pan. With all this, why would I not have a chance to be featured, too?
When was the last time you contacted us about your truck? How recently were the last mods done to it? Was anything incomplete at the last show you were at that MT was covering? If any of these answers point toward you not being ready for a photo shoot, then most likely, you wouldn't have been happy having your truck shot at that point. Remember, when you're shot for a feature, or a cover, your truck is frozen in time forever. If there's something you didn't do, or you would like to have done, it's too late. Honestly, we don't care who built what truck where. Every truck finds its way into MT because it's awesome, it's ready, and there's something about it that screams for attention. If you're ready to be seen by everyone, we're ready to snap pics.
Mad Props Fo' Shizzle My Nizzle
Dear MT,
Wassup, MT! My name is Jon Engelkes (don't even try to pronounce my last name), and I'm a loyal MT fan from southeast Arkansas. I just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. I just received the new issue in the mail the other day, and, as usual, it satisfied my urge to see clean mini-trucks from around the country. I understand exactly what you're saying in last month's Scrub Line, Lance. I too have formed my own opinions about people I don't know, only to find out later that they're actually pretty cool. Damn, I miss Life in the Phat Lane. Anyway, keep doing what you do, and don't change a thing about the mag. I have never read an issue I didn't think was absolutely the shiznit!
Jon Engelkes
We appreciate all readers, and enthusiasts in general, so no thanks are needed, but they sure are appreciated. Next, I'm sure Mike is missed by many in the mini-truckin' scene since his departure to work on OFF-ROAD magazine fulltime. He's still here behind the scenes, though, helping out here and there and supplying tech articles to MT. Thankfully, he's able to pull some double duty while we gear up for a redesign of Mini Truckin' and find someone to fill his position in the office. We're going to miss Mike being the go-to guy on staff here, that's for sure. As far as the magazine is concerned, Mike taught me a few things about running the book, which even he probably doesn't realize. I've learned to not be so damned pushy about things and to step back and take a look at things from an enthusiasts' perspective once again. I guess somewhere along the way, I forgot what I was when I started working here eight years ago; thanks, bro.
Too Shy
Dear Lance,
As I sit here reading the new Scrub Line, I think back a month ago to Showfest. The show was awesome, and I had a really good time. Well, I noticed you standing there and I am shy and started to go talk to you, but you where hanging around of lot of the guys from premiere clubs such as Negative Camber, Severed Ties, and Relaxed Atmosphere, and you just had a look on your face that you were god or something. I decided not to talk to you. After reading your Scrub Line column this month, however, I'm looking at you in a different light. Even though you and Mike encouraged enuthusiasts to come and talk to the both of you, I thought you were both hypocrites who thought you were to good to talk to anyone. Now that I have read this article, I feel completely otherwise. Thanks.
Dusty Robinson
via e-mail
Hey, man, I wish you came up to me and said hello at Greenville. I hang out with pretty much everyone and made many new acquaintances this year at Showfest. Case in point: There was this one guy I met through another person who was new to our scene. I'm really glad I met this guy because, until that point, he thought all mini-truckers were just a bunch of arrogant asses. Anyway, I talked to this guy and some others while I was standing in front of the Silver Star Customs show display and trailer for the longest time. When I went back to work here in Cali', these guys already sent me an e-mail to say they were pleasantly surprised by our meeting.
The reason I'm telling you all this (and placing this e-mail and my reply into Paper Cuts) is to keep this from happening again. I've said this for years, and I'll keep saying it, but listen up, OK? I can't afford to not spend time with the readers of Mini Truckin' magazine. Without our readers and longtime supporters, who would give a rat's ass about MT? I am 100 percent into our readers, and you are what makes running MT worthwhile. Next time, give me the chance to at least meet the people who make coming to work worth all the long hours, never-ending plane flights, and road trips.Thanks, DustyLanceMT
- OF


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