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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - October 2003

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Oct 1, 2003
Photo 2/7   |   mini Market October 2003 ringers Gloves
Who Really Wants Scars?
The Ringers' glove has strategically placed gel pads in the palm designed to absorb impact and vibration. Ringers' gel pads reduce the amount of harmful impact and vibration transferred to the hands when using tools such as impact guns, wrenches, and air tools. Clarino synthetic leather on the palm and fingers provides excellent wear qualities, and all the seams around the fingers are hidden to prevent snagging. Impact-resistant, free-flex Airprene covers the backs of the hand, knuckles, and index finger and keeps the hands comfortable and dry. The SplitFit Air Gloves are lightweight, machine washable, and available in blue, black, yellow, or red, from sizes XXS to XXL. For more information, contact: Ringers Gloves, Dept. MT, 335 Science Dr., Moorpark, CA 93021, (805) 517-1061,
Photo 3/7   |   mini Market October 2003 eibach Lowering Suspensions
Stylin' Concepts now offers race-proven Eibach lowering suspensions for your custom truck. Front and rear coil springs and rear hanger/shackle kits offer sports-car-like handling and an aggressive lowered stance. For more information, contact: Stylin' Concepts, (800) 434-5857,
Photo 4/7   |   mini Market October 2003 recaro Sport Seat
Tuner Seating
When it comes to sporty driving style, seats play a decisive role. The better you sit in your seat, the better your reactions and the better control you'll have of your truck. Recaro builds sport seats that adapt to your needs so you can focus on driving safely. Recaro now offers two new ultimate sport seats: the Recaro sport and the Recaro speed. These car seats combine maximum sporting flair with super-modern design and materials. For more information, contact: Recaro North America, Dept. MT, 3275 Laupeer Rd. W., Auburn Hills, MI 48326, (248) 340-5990.
Photo 5/7   |   mini Market October 2003 led Taillights
LED Sleds
AVS, the manufacturer of AirTronix air ride controllers, presents its new Cadillac-style taillights, dubbed Kadeez. Kadeez come with your choice of red or clear acrylic lenses. What makes these lights stand out is a row of high-intensity LED lights that glow from top to bottom. You'll never have to worry about blowing a bulb out again. Kadeez makes installation on a truck a lot easier because the lights are about half the depth of a factory Cadi' light, so cutting is minimized. More good news if you have regular Cadillac lights on your truck: Kadeez will swap right in! All that's involved is a simple three-wire hook-up for running brake and signal functions. Chrome trim rings are included. The lights are available by themselves or in a complete kit that includes taillight fillers and buckets for most trucks. For more information, contact: AVS, Dept. MT, 2040 E. Home Ave., Fresno, CA 93703, (559) 486-5444,
Photo 6/7   |   mini Market October 2003 lact Linear Actuators
Actuators From Hell
Check out the new LACT linear actuators from Dakota Digital: They'll make opening and closing things such as tonneaus, amp racks, trunk lids, trim panels, and just about anything else, worry-free. Available in 6-, 8-, and 10-inch versions, these actuators will provide 110 pounds of force with built-in limiting switches. Each kit is supplied with two machined aluminum mounting brackets, a control switch, a wiring harness. and a complete instruction manual. For more information, contact: Dakota Digital Inc., Dept. MT, 3421 W. Hovland Dr., Sioux Falls, SD 57107, (800) 852-3228,
Photo 7/7   |   mini Market October 2003 volant Cold Air Intake System
Cold Air
Nissan Frontier owners can enjoy the added power and fuel economy from a Volant cold-air intake system. Designed for the 3.3L V-6 Nissan engine, the Volant kit number 12633 comes with a unique cold airbox and high-flow intake tube that eliminates restriction and increases airflow without added noise. The high-flow, reusable air filter has deeper pleats for more surface area, and the polyurethane construction will not bend or warp. The Nissan 3.3L V-6 system connects to all OE hoses and sensors and is manufactured from high-grade, X-link polyethylene. This system seals out hot underhood air and keeps dirt and moisture away from the air filter to provide longer protection and a cleaner, colder air charge for increased performance. All Volant cold-air intake systems come with a faux carbon-fiber lid, stainless-steel hardware, and Volant's special compound silicone sleeves, which maintain a tight seal under extreme temperatures. For more information, contact: Volant Cold Air Intakes, Dept. MT, 9400 7th St., Ste. C-1, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, (909) 476-7225,


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