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Letters To The Editor - Paper Cuts - June 2004

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Jun 1, 2004
Photo 2/3   |   paper Cuts baby
The Next Generation
Dear Mini Truckin',
First of all, ya'll are the best. We as a family are faithful readers. As I flipped through the Jan. '04 issue, I came upon an adorable little boy in a paint booth taping on a truck. The caption reads, "The future of Mini Truckin'." Well, I thought I'd warn all you guys that he's got competition down the street. My beautiful 2-year-old daughter is taking lessons from her daddy. In 14 years, the truck that they're working on will be daddy's little girl's truck, so watch out.
The Gibson Family
We are ever encouraged by the little ones showing love for mini-truckin'. If we continue to pass on the skills we've learned to the next generation, then mini-truckin' will continue to thrive generation after generation. Your daughter will definitely be a heartbreaker and will build a mini that will kick guys' butts.
Slammed Rides Save Lives
Dear MT,
Mini Truckin' is the best magazine ever. I've never owned a mini, but I consider myself a mini-trucker. I used to wonder if I should say that or not, but one day I was sitting in my F-150 reading MT, and it said that it doesn't matter if you actually have a mini or not because it's a lifestyle, not just a truck label. I thought this was super cool. The point of my letter is that I wrecked my F-150 on a bridge in the rain. The cop who responded said that if my truck hadn't been slammed on the ground, it probably would have flipped over the bridge and I would've died. So there you have it, straight from a cop's mouth: Slammed rides save lives. I'm going to bring my new truck out to Reso' this year and I hope to see ya'll there. Until then, drive slow and low, and drag hard.
Winnfield, Louisiana
Photo 3/3   |   paper Cuts letter
Thanks for the letter and the dope picture you drew. We hung it up in the office, along with the other cool stuff our readers send from time to time. The article speaks for all of us; it doesn't matter what you drive - if you live the lifestyle, you're definitely a mini-trucker. We always knew that low rides save lives, and now we have a perfect example. We're also glad that you were fortunate enough to be in a slammed ride and didn't fly off the bridge. Hopefully, people will read this and save themselves from future catastrophe by slamming their rides.
$ Mini Market $
Dear MT,
I had an idea that I was hoping you could help with. My friends and I were wondering if it's possible to list prices on the items that appear in Mini Market. We're always curious about how much certain things cost, and without the prices listed, it's hard to know the price range of each particular item. Any help would be appreciated.
Chris Fox
via e-mail
You have a valid concern. We run items in Mini Market to help our readers learn about new items and ideas that are available to them. We list the items with a brief description and the companies' contact information so that you as a reader can make an informed decision about the particular item. The reason we don't list prices, besides the fact that prices change so often, is so you can call the company directly and decide if the product is right for you. Then you can find out the price. We also list Web sites if available, and sometimes the prices are listed online. Don't be fooled into thinking that the retail price is the end all and be all; there's stiff competition between companies in this industry, and they want your business. Don't be afraid to ask for a few bucks off any given price. It never hurts to ask.
- OF


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