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Sprayliner's Third-Element Bedliner - The Third Element

Triple-Component Protection

Gary Blount
Nov 1, 2004
Photographers: Gary Blount
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All spray-on bedliners in the market today are made of a two-part compound that when mixed together makes a rigid coating, known as a polymer. There are two different types of polymer 'liners: One is applied with a heated high-pressure sprayer; the second is a low-velocity compound. Although both 'liners have their pros and cons, they serve identical purposes: protection for the bed of your truck. Even some vehicle manufacturers are implementing the use of spray-on bedliners. There are many names in the industry, but Sprayliner is approaching the market with a new angle and purpose-made protective coatings.
Not another spray-on coating! What's the difference?
High-Pressure Polyurethane

The high-pressure 'liners have a higher resistance to impact and gouging. At higher pressures, you can evacuate the gun at a much faster rate. This means you can crank up the heat to harden the compound at a fast rate. Heat also helps bond the compound to the surface and enhance the chemical flash. With the estimated four-second flash (drying) time, the polyurethane spreads evenly over uneven surfaces. The only real problem is that a high-pressure sprayer costs more money, and requires a solid energy source to operate the heater and hydraulic pumps used to mix and pressurize the gun.
Low-Pressure Polyurea/Urethane
A low-pressure 'liner is a mix of polyurethane and polyurea. The low-pressure compound has a different chemical make-up. It doesn't use heat to help it flash. It relies on a chemical reaction to provide the heat for drying. The polyurea and reduced flash of the activator allows the 'liner to be slightly softer than the purer polymer 'liner. The softer polymer provides excellent protection as well. It will even absorb a small amount of impact without passing the kinetic energy of impact through to the body causing it to dent. The equipment needed to apply this type of spray-on 'liner is cost-effective and portable.
Photo 3/20   |   third Element triple Component Protection
How is Sprayliner different from other spray-on liners?
Sprayliner provides 'liners with a variety of choices for both the end-user and businesses. The company's spray system can be configured for both high-pressure as well as low-pressure systems. Sprayliner has also implemented the idea of adding a third element to the chemical process. The third element changes, depending on the application.
Polyurethane and Composite
With truck bedliners, the third element is a surface-reactive composite crystal, which adds to the density of the polymer. It is mixed in at about 50 percent and substantially reduces cost. This composite allows the high-pressure system to provide three different surface textures. By simply turning off the third input on the gun, you can stop the composite from emitting from the gun nozzle. The amount of polymer you allow to sit on top of the composite will dictate the particle protrusion from the polymer surface, providing for aggressive nonskid-, nonskid-, and smooth-surface finishes.
Polyurea and Rubber
If the application changes to a trailer or garage floor, a pure polyurea can be used to provide a soft surface. Much like polyurethane, a two-part chemical compound called polyurea can be sprayed down. It is an extremely soft and durable coating. The chemicals that make up the polymer are chemical-resistant, making it excellent for toy-hauler trailers that lug motor-propelled vehicles that may leak gas or oil. When particles from recycled tire rubber are mixed with polyurea, a textured surface can be attained. This is excellent for a horse trailer, as it also provides a soft surface for the animal, preventing fatigue.
All the chemicals used by Sprayliner are made by DuPont. The big brand name means that only the highest-quality chemicals are used to produce Sprayliner coatings. This gives the company's coatings consistency and cleanliness. And with Sprayliner, you don't need to make one coating fit every need. Since the company offers varied products, it can provide a coating for most any surface.


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