Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - January 2006

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Chad Lucas
Jan 1, 2006
Photo 2/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories aem Power
No More Oiling Your Air
AEM is proud to introduce a revolution in performance air filtration technology - the Dryflow synthetic air filter. This new filter media technology is only available from AEM. The Dryflow filter eliminates the hassle of re-oiling after cleaning, and is independently tested to have better filtration and dust-trapping capabilities than any other performance aftermarket filter on the market. The unique non-woven polyester element filters out 98.6 percent of airborne dust in initial efficiency (99.4 percent cumulative efficiency), and filters down to 1 micron of particulate, This improved efficiency translates into longer engine life, with unmatched filtration and equal performance when compared with traditional cotton gauze. For more information, contact:
Photo 3/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories airaid
S-Series Horsies
The hunt for more power and improved low-end torque and throttle response for S-10 and S-15 pickup owners with four-cylinder powerplants just got easier, as Airaid has recently developed a new PowerAid for GM's 2.2L four-cylinder. The 2.2L PowerAid 1-inch throttle-body spacer features PowerAid's unique, patented Helix Bore design, which creates a spinning action of the incoming air charge as it passes through the throttle-body spacer. This highly active air charge contributes to better atomization of the air/fuel mixture at the combustion chamber. The end result is more part-throttle torque, improved midrange power, and overall combustion efficiency for more mpg. The new 2.2L PowerAid is an easy bolt-on installation and comes complete with all mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. For more information, contact: (800) 498-6951, www.
Photo 4/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories cando Specialties
Can Do Can Grant Your Wishes
Can Do Specialties now offers this Grant Kustoms modified '88-98 fullsize Chevy bumper. The bumper is modified to fit any S-series mini from '82-'03. While we've seen it done on custom featured trucks before, nobody has ever offered it ready to go, out of the box. Have that custom look without the countless hours of stress, cutting, and welding. License plate boxes can be installed in any location and angle you like. Other models are available on the CanDo Web site. It comes shipped to you in raw-metal finish. For more information, contact: (530) 533-8680, www.candospecial
Photo 5/5   |   truck Parts And Accessories bent Trading Cards
Bent For Mini-Trucks
These are the original custom automotive trading cards, showcasing mini-trucks, sport compacts, fullsize cars and trucks, 4x4s, SUVs, painters, fabricators, shops, and shows. For more information, contact: www.bent



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