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Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - March 2006

Want - Find - Buy - Build

Chad Lucas
Mar 1, 2006
Bump It Up
Have you been looking for that new mod to set you apart from the rest? Grant Kustoms sheetmetal experts give you a simple yet extremely custom option. Change that front end up with one of Grant's new made-to-order custom bumpers. With models available for the '82-'93 S-series mini utilizing a sectioned '88-'98 Chevy fullsize bumper, to an '86-'93 Mazda B-series sporting a molded Toyota bumper/valance look with custom add-ons. For more information, contact: Grant Kustoms, (530)532-7832,
Photo 5/11   |   mini Market kustomz Ink
Kustom Apparel Part II
Kustomz Ink Klothing is at it again. Even though it has only been around for a little over a year, KIK already has nine designs to its credit (in various colors) with more styles being added all the time. We can only expect great things from the Kustomz Ink crew. The Kustomz Ink motto is "affordable, badass mini-truck clothing so you can save more money for your pimp-daddy ride." So show 'em how you roll, mini-trucker style. For more information, log on to
Photo 6/11   |   mini Market viair Corp
Switched Under Pressure
Introducing VIAIR's newest pressure switch which is meant to handle the pressures of today's high-performance compressors with ease. The new pressure switch (PN 90103) will turn on your compressor(s) at 165 psi and turn your pumps off at 200 psi. These pressure switches are a perfect complement to VIAIR's new line of 200 psi-rated of compressors. For more information on this and the full line of pressure switches and other useful parts offered by VIAIR, contact: VIAIR Corporation, 26072 Merit Circle, Ste. 111, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, (949) 582-6868,
Photo 7/11   |   mini Market gibson Performance
Toyin' With the Idea of More Power
Gibson Performance has what you need to squeeze the most out of your 2WD '88-'95 2.4L Toyota truck. These precision-built headers deliver more horsepower and increase torque at low and midrange rpm highway speeds. These Gibson headers are engineered as a direct replacement for the factory manifolds and designed for easy bolt-on installation. Each header features 1-5/8-inch mandrel bent tubing, all hardware, and heavy-duty flanges and gaskets. These retain all stock emissions equipment and are available in chrome-plated, stainless steel, or high-quality ceramic-coated stainless steel. Don't worry about that smog check as these headers are 50-state smog-legal and OBII-compatible. They come with a limited lifetime warranty.For more information, contact: Gibson Performance, (800)528-3044,
Photo 8/11   |   mini Market lowlife Video
Sake Bitches
If spending all winter bagging and body dropping your ride just so you can lay it out on the highway and throw a shower of sparks sounds like you, then hop on tour with the Lowlife video series. Sake is the fourth compilation of insane dragging, show coverage, lifestyle, features, and good music put out by the Lowlife crew. Pick up your copy today. Help Napolean grab some new nunchucks. For more information, contact: Lowlife, 1474 N. Cooper Rd., Ste. 105-420, Gilbert, AZ 85233,
Photo 9/11   |   mini Market zirgo
Flexibilty in Degrees
Zirgo is proud to present a new and exciting product from Zirgo Cooling Products that is available immediately! Zirgo's Digital Adjustable Temperature Switch allows you to monitor and control the most remote area of you vehicle. This temperature switch can also be set to monitor the air temperature around the unit. It's ideal for monitoring engine compartments, gloveboxes, radio/amp enclosures, and much more. The probe may also be used to monitor hard-to-reach areas or even coolant temperature. The unit allows you to set the activation temperature from -20 degrees to 250 degrees. Once your programmed temperature is reached, the unit will send out a signal to a relay to activate your cooling fan. All Zirgo accessories come with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information, contact: Zirgo, (800) 873-4038,
Photo 10/11   |   mini Market afe Filters
Ice Cold
aFe (advanced FLOW engineering) announces 19 additional horsepower for the '05 Tacoma V-6. aFe's new cold air intake system (PN 54-10592) is crafted with a powdercoated heat shield and brushed aluminum cover that cuts induction noise. Performance comes from a 4-inch high-flow conical filter that feeds a free-flowing aluminum tube. The MAF sensor position is optimized for performance and trouble-free operation. For more information, contact: advanced FLOW engineering, 191 Granite St., Corona, CA, (951) 493-7100,
Photo 11/11   |   mini Market stoner Solutions
Wax On, Wax Off
If you don't have three to five hours to wax your ride then Speed Bead from Stoner is the option for you. Speed Bead is the result of a two-year research and development effort. One reason why is that it's the first waxing product to be packaged in an aerosol can. With Speed Bead, Stoner has created a product that sprays on smoothly without clogging and wipes off in just seconds, leaving exceptional shine and water beading. The proprietary blend of gentle cleaners and polishes removes bugs, road grease, and other grime. Synthetic polymers chemically bond to the surface, hiding tiny blemishes and leaving a durable protective layer. For more information, contact: Stoner, (717) 786-7355,


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