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  • New 2005 SEMA Products And Accessories - Bitchin' New Products From SEMA '05

New 2005 SEMA Products And Accessories - Bitchin' New Products From SEMA '05

Two Dozen Great Money Burners

Chad Lucas
Apr 1, 2006
Photographers: Chad Lucas
You can always expect two things from the SEMA Show: the dopest new vehicles in the custom world and loads of hot new products to spice up your ride. Here are the best and brightest products that we could conjure up to get your credit cards shaking in your wallet. Take a seat and try to contain yourself.
Photo 2/24   |   2005 Sema Products spa Technique
Gauge This!
The SPA integrated dash system has been designed to cover a wide variety of applications from OE manufacturers, competition vehicles, motorcycles, kit cars, and custom cars. The lightweight aluminum dash incorporates analog speedo, tachometer, fuel gauge, two temperature readings, and two pressure readings all within a space-saving 200x100x40mm unit. Both the innovative color-changing tachometer needle and speedo are driven by smooth, silent stepper motors renowned for their high accuracy and stability. To complete the dash system package, we have incorporated an industry-standard warning/information light cluster and an easy-to-read multifunction LCD display unit. The dash system comes complete with sensors, wiring loom, and a comprehensive user-friendly instruction manual.
SPA Design
SPA Dash gauge cluster
(317) 271-7941
Photo 3/24   |   2005 Sema Products pop Locks
Air Tonneau
This pneumatic lifting and locking system is a security device for any tonneau bed cover. Remote fob or cab-mounted switch unlocks and lifts, or lowers and locks. Compact 12-volt compressor is also a mobile air compressor (140 psi). Eliminates exterior locks and latches, which equals more design freedom.
HDC, Inc.
Pneumatic Tonneau Lifter
(530) 346-7692
Open With Ease
Electric Life's new billet interior door handle allows the user to install the door handle just about anywhere. Utilizing an aircraft spec cable, cable clamps, and billet handle, the 99055 is ideal for all custom street rod doors where clearance is narrow.
Billet Interior Door Handle Kit (99055)
(800) 548-2168
Photo 4/24   |   2005 Sema Products air Zenith
Up, Up, And Away
Air Zenith has hit the mini-truck world by storm. The already-popular 200psi compressor, which has Air Zenith's own patented interchangeable piston technology, now has an ally in the war against abuse and overuse. Air Zenith offers this rebuild kit to help you change the piston and to get everything running like new again.
Air Zenith
AZ Rebuild Kit
(702) 270-7988
Photo 5/24   |   2005 Sema Products edge Electronics
I Have The Power
More power than 100 1-farad caps. Mount near amplifier for 800 amps of power reinforcement. This will easily start a V-8 engine. A capacitor discharges its entire capacity quickly. This unit can supply substantially higher power for a much longer duration than a regular battery.
Edge ElectronicsBattery
(419) 476-2700
Photo 6/24   |   2005 Sema Products unisteer
Steering You in the Right Direction
Upgrade your S-10 pickup with a Unisteer Performance Products '83-'03 S-10 rack-and-pinion kit. This is the first and only kit made to convert S-10s to rack-and-pinion. This is a bolt-in kit that greatly improves handling and responsiveness. Kit includes custom manual, rack and pinion, bolt-in bracket, tie-rod ends, and a steering shaft.
Unisteer Performance Products
'83-'03 S-10 rack-and-pinion upgrade
(800) 338-9080
Photo 7/24   |   2005 Sema Products ryno Mfg
Rippin' Pedals
Ryno Mfg. brings you their newest pedal kit, dubbed "Rippin'." These new aggressive pedal covers are just a taste of what the Ryno crew has in store.
Ryno Mfg.
Rippin' billet pedals
(661) 326-7009
Photo 8/24   |   2005 Sema Products devious Wheel Co
Baller-Approved Billet
Devious Wheels are available in sizes from 17 inches up to 24 inches. Custom offsets are available. The Titan and the Holeshot are just a taste of what is to come from this new wheel company.
Devious Wheel Co.
Titan wheel
(800) 669-4808
Photo 9/24   |   2005 Sema Products e Air Valves
Mac Daddy
The new Mac Daddy valve is the next generation from the E Air Valve Company. This valve features a 1/2-inch orifice, forged brass body, high output coil, stainless steel operator, and a new anti-deteriorative diaphragm. Max. pressure is 450 psi.
E Air Valves
Mac Daddy Valves
(800) 567-8931
Photo 10/24   |   2005 Sema Products hot Rod Air
Cool Vents
All billet, vane style, or louver designed to fit street rod, custom, and classic vehicle dashes. These are also available in satin or polished finish and fit a standard 2.5-inch duct hose.
Hot Rod Air
A/C Vents
(210) 651-0040
Photo 11/24   |   2005 Sema Products tcp Global
Pinstriping Made E-Z
That's right, an airbrush pinstriping stencil. Stripe Easy is a layered, adhesive stencil paint tool system.
TCP Global
Airbrush Pinstripe Stencil
(858) 909-2120
Photo 12/24   |   2005 Sema Products mothers
Polishing Balls
For those of you who love the Mothers Powerball-we know we do-here is the new mini version for those more detailed jobs.
Mothers Polishes Waxes Cleaners
Mini Powerball
(714) 891-3364
Photo 13/24   |   2005 Sema Products xtreme Valves
Easy Riders
GC's new miniature manifold boasts 1/4-inch for slow quiet operation. The manifold features lighted connectors for easy troubleshooting. You have to see the size of this bad boy to believe it.
GC Valves
Easy Ride Miniature Block
(800)-582 4232
Photo 14/24   |   2005 Sema Products la France Autoworks
Open Sesame
Magic Touch is a touch-sensitive door handle that replaces the factory handle. It gives the shaved handle look without having to repaint the doors. With just the touch of your hand, the door pops open.
LaFrance Ventures
Touch-sensitive door handle
(888) 754-9371
Photo 15/24   |   2005 Sema Products air Bagit
Errh Struts
Chassis Tech has a strut that fits almost every import and domestic car and truck and is a direct bolt-on. Adjust to maximum drop (or lift); then cinch up the nylon bushing and O-ring seals.
Chassis Tech
Strut bag
(800) 862-8789
Photo 16/24   |   2005 Sema Products gibson Performance
Gibson Performance added 150 applications to their large product line. The newest addition is precision-built headers for 2.4L 4 cyl. and 3.4L V-6 Toyota trucks. This is engineered as a bolt-on direct replacement.
Gibson Performance, Inc.
Toyota headers
(951) 372-1220
Photo 17/24   |   2005 Sema Products gennie Shifter
Knobs, Knobs, Knobs
From high-quality urethane Van Chase shift knobs to glass or billet, Gennie Shifter has you covered. Check out their website for hundreds of personalized knobs.
Gennie Shifter
Shift knobs galore
(866) 623-1963
Photo 18/24   |   2005 Sema Products tfp Usa
All Ports...No Bass
These chromed port hole covers are designed to give your average vehicle a restyling accent upgrade on the fenders on each side of the engine area as on old Buicks and Oldsmobiles.
TFP, Inc.
Chromed Port Holes
(562) 220-1370, ext. 13
Photo 19/24   |   2005 Sema Products power Brakes Online
7-inch Booster Killer
A hydro boost delivers up to 2000 psi to the calipers, no vacuum, and uses pressure from the power steering pump. For those of you that have booster issues, this is the hot ticket.
Power Brake Service
Hydro Boost
(502) 436-4111
Photo 20/24   |   2005 Sema Products accuair
Accuracy Achieved
The AccuAir system uses a small onboard computer that reads linear position sensors to determine the height of your car. You still have manual air control, but the system gives you the ability to save any three of your favorite heights and recover them at the touch of a button. The key to Accuair's system is the fact that it bases measurements on height, not air pressure. If you load the vehicle with passengers or groceries, the system compensates when you press one of the numbered preset buttons.
Smartflow Control System
(877) AIR-DOWN
Photo 21/24   |   2005 Sema Products electric Life
Pop Goes The Weasel
These new door pops are intended to spring open doors with shaved handles; they're hidden at the hinge end of the door for an inconspicuous installation. The poppers are billet aluminum in design, have a super-strong internal coil spring, and are for hidden installation and smooth looks.
Electric Life, Inc.
Hidden Door Pops
(773) 467-0200
Photo 22/24   |   2005 Sema Products dakota Digital
Reading Rubber Bands
How would you like to have tire pressure on demand? With the new Odyssey Series II Tire Pressure/Temperature Monitor gauge from Dakota Digital this is possible. Using Dakota Digital's extremely high-quality gauges gives you an accurate depiction of just how low pro your low profile tires are. The kit includes four senders and comes in your choice of either a black or chrome bezel.
Dakota Digital
Tire Pressure/Temperature Gauge
(800) 593-4160
Photo 23/24   |   2005 Sema Products ididit Inc
Turn Me On
Ididit introduces their new aftermarket replacement street rod columns with a built-in ignition switch. Ididit is the only company to offer this type of column with an ignition switch. This addition is available with all of their applications.
Ididit, Inc.
Column with ignition switch
(517) 424-0577
Photo 24/24   |   2005 Sema Products power Master Motor Sports
Power From The Gods
100A one-wire alternators with custom housings feature smooth lines, custom fans, and decorative pulley cones.
Key Components
Smooth alternator
(865) 688-5953, ext. 1204


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