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Mini Truck Parts And Accessories - Mini Market - September 2006

Want - Find - Buy - Build

Chad Lucas
Sep 1, 2006
Photo 2/8   |   mini Market sir Michaels
Stylish Venting
Sir Michael's is synonymous with quality sheetmetal products, but did you know where they got their start? Louvers. Still having the machinery to do just that, Sir Michael's decided to celebrate their 30th year in the truck world and has released a line of louvered hoods to reflect their past. Most models of trucks are available containing six rows of 3-inch louvers.For more information, contact (800) 900-4944 or check out
Photo 3/8   |   mini Market sata
SATA offers a new Foose-series kit that includes the popular SATA minijet 4 HVLP and the brand new SATAgraph 3 airbrush. Both have rich new plasma-coated color with a deep copper tone. The Foose Design logo is proudly displayed on both guns.For more information, check out or contact (800) 533-8016.
Photo 4/8   |   mini Market grant Kustoms
Metal Shirts
Seeing a shirt from Grant Kustoms one would have to wonder if the crew hand-formed a shirt out of their favorite metallic resource to start a new uncomfortable but chromeable trend. If you feel like supporting your favorite metal maniacs or just need some new threads to pimp at your local show, hit up Grant Kustoms for their new work shirts.For more information, contact (530) 537-7832 or check out
Photo 5/8   |   mini Market eagle One
Eagle One announces a new line including spray wax, protectant, and wheel polish utilizing nanotechnology, the cutting-edge science of small. These new products provide easier application, better surface penetration, deeper high-gloss shine, and longer-lasting results. Imagine a particle that is 1/75,000 the thickness of a human hair, and you can begin to understand the significance of nanotechnology.For information, check out, or call (800) 432-4531.
Photo 6/8   |   mini Market stellar Alarms
Step Back
Stellar's new At Ease backup sensor system sends ultrasonic waves into the space behind your vehicle when you are reversing. Stellar's revolutionary tri-sensor system will automatically warn you against any obstructions that you may run into by emitting a sequence of pulse tones. The closer and louder the tones get indicates the distance of the object from your car. Detailed instructions ensure easy installation, even for the weekend mechanic; and all of this backed by a limited lifetime warranty.For more information, check out or call (800) 873-4038.
Photo 7/8   |   mini Market powerhouse Products
Tight Fit
Powerhouse Tight-Fit spark plug sockets revolutionize plug removal. The unique tool design allows for removal of spark plugs from even the most obstructed plug applications. The uniquely designed Powerhouse spark plug sockets feature a side opening that doesn't require the usual spark plug length clearance. The Tight-Fit spark plug sockets can be turned and slipped over the spark plug so that it can be removed in the standard manner with a box or open-end wrench. They're available in 5/8-inch and 13/16-inch spark plug sizes.For more information, contact (800) 872-7223 or check out
Photo 8/8   |   mini Market design Engineering
DEI's Cool Tube extreme thermal protection for hoses, wiring, and other critical underhood components adds a professional and finishing touch. They're available in different lengths, five diameters, and four vivid colors. Cool Tube is also flexible enough to conform to the tightest bends and irregular shapes. If this is not enough, then just know that it can withstand temperatures of over 750 degrees F.For more information, check out, or call (800) 264-9472, or e-mail


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