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How To Pinstripe From Home - Home-Schooled Striping

Eastwood and Steve Kafka Teach You How to Stripe From Home

Calin Head
Sep 1, 2006
Photographers: Calin Head
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Refine your style or develop a new skill, before the brush touches your car or a sign. Steve Kafka assembled this easy-to-follow teaching system to help the beginner or seasoned striper learn to use his innovative Kafka Striping Brush. Put aside a little time, a small work area like your couch and coffee table, pop in his DVD, and in no time flat you will know how to stripe. You won't be perfect right away, but this system should take any fear you have of learning and chuck it in the trash. You will need to pick up at least one can of One Shot paint, but we would recommend getting at least two. That way, you can try contrasting colors, too. Like we stated in the table of contents, don't let your girl catch you doing this in the living room, so either wait till she's asleep or deal with the "house smells like paint argument."
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1.There are two types of brushes available from the Steve Kafka line of long liners (top) and scrollers. The long liner is built to pull those traditional straight lines and symmetrical designs that are all over this issue. The Signature series scrollers are made to do loopy lines and are perfect for laying down flames.

Natural hair-type brushes usually made from blue squirrel hair hold a tremendous amount of paint, because they have microscopic scales along the shaft of the hair.
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2.One Shot is oil-based, high-gloss enamel for interior or exterior use on metal, glass, or wood. Its flow characteristics ensure the virtual absence of brush marks and provide a clean, sharp edge. It will dry to the touch in two to five hours and can be cleaned up with a good body solvent. The low-temperature reducer is ideal for lightly thinning the paint for the perfect striping consistency without making it dry too fast.
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3.The kit includes two packets of goodies. One has photo copies of every step needed to slowly train your hand for the perfect lines.

The other pack is filled with clear sheets, so you can trace the lines over and over without damaging the photo copies. They are easy to clean and also allow you to lift them up and check the coverage of your paint. The clipboard gives you a nice solid place to hone your skills and makes it very portable.
Photo 6/6   |   home Schooled Striping dvd
4.Pinstriping and lettering enamel strainers are large enough to allow flow and small enough to filter those nerve-wracking globs that are so time-consuming to remove. They come in a re-usable button tie black envelope. Try them one time and ensure clean paint and less stress forever. The Welcome To My World, Vol. 1. DVD shows some of the capabilities of Steve's signature-series brushes and how he uses them to stripe panel art and a black C5 Corvette with a multicolored masterpiece. This is not meant to be an instructional video alone, but a demonstration, as well. The Brush Oil developed by Steve is made from the finest ingredients available and specially scented with patchouli. It will keep and preserve your brushes perfectly, and it smells great, too.


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